Originally self-released in 2007 and already a cult album, Woebegone Obscured's debut Deathstination is a nihilistic near-death experience. Blackened funeral doom/death metal fueled by inner thoughts of black holes, dark nature, occultism, melancholy and suicide feelings. 
A must for those into the dark heaviness and the crushing sounds of Evoken, Thergothon, diSEMBOWELMENT, and Esoteric.


1. A Gust Of Demention (10:03)
2. Mæstitia (11:04)
3. Coils Of Inane Comatose (11:26)
4. Stalactites (3:39)
5. Deathscape (8:49)

Total time 45:01

CD housed in a cardboard sllipcase
12-page full color booklet with lyrics

Released January 24th, 2011



Deathstination line-up:

voicetorture, drums, add. guitar,
suicide propaganda

guitars, bass, frequenzes, paranoia,
ambient presence


Formed in 2006, Denmark's WOEBEGONE OBSCURED found inspiration suddenly, when vocalist and drummer D Woe was commended to a mental asylum. Loathing in depression and suicide thoughts, the lyrical seed was planted solid.
Music-wise, it was considered a much slower approach than that of other current and past projects of its members, and it perfectly suited what Woebegone Obscured was looking for: ugly, yet interesting metal without being held back from the norms. Blackened funeral doom/death with no keyboards, no female chanting, no hyper-speed blasting...
Listening to Deathstination is like being in suspended animation, floating in obscure and unknown humid limbos of the mind, with paralyzed senses.
Like coming back from a dark and cold journey into the soul, to find out that there's no soul at all, and that existence is futile.







TBA  (I, Voidhanger Records - 2012)

DEATHSTINATION  (I, Voidhanger Records - 2011. Originally self-released in 2007)





Review by Chaim Drishner

Let me reiterate what's been written on the back cover of the booklet -- a simple, stark truth we have all been storing at the back of our heads, knowing it all too well yet denying it altogether: "Remember you mean nothing to the world". With this simple yet effective fact as a constant reminder to us all, we can delve into the secrets, punishments and atrocities lurking within the deep, deep shadows of _Deathstination_.
Now, if we, the dwellers of the underground, would have ever conjured any kind of a manifesto, I'd like to suggest one version out of many:
"We, creatures of the night, do not seek entertainment, nor fun nor enjoyment. We seek pain, aural or otherwise, but pain non the less that will re-awaken us from numbness and sweet apathy; pain that will constantly remind us we are alive; that our mission on this sad, blue orb of water, land and tears, has not finished yet; maybe has not even begun yet..."
So yeah, as strange as it might sound, I do not seek for pleasure in my music. As mentioned in the Malasangre review, pleasure in underground, non-commercial, counter-cultural music is a bi-product, not the necessary goal. I'd rather have listened to music that induces pain, reflection, emotional and physical torture; music that is challenging, scary, wild, psychotic, sociopathic, outlandish or transcendental -- than anything devoid of the aforementioned qualities, but created solely for the purpose of giving pleasure, like an empty-eyed, empty-skulled porno queen...
...which brings us to _Deathstination_.
Woebegone Obscured's _Deathstination_ is as ugly as it gets, with not a single shred of merciful, blissful moment that will please and appease you (well, maybe the instrumental, three-something minutes track _Stalactites_, but that one doesn't really count).
As is the case with Midnight Odyssey's excellent _Firmament_ album, that had been recorded and independently released by the band only to be re-issued a couple of years later by I, Voidhanger Records, so is the case with _Deathstindation_, recorded in 2007 and re-issued in 2011 by the very same superb Italian sub-label.
The sound has not been tempered with, which means, in this case, it has remained underground, dirty and muffled, so you'd need a good stereo system in order to "enjoy" the music, which is bass-heavy and likes more often than not to flirt with the lowest frequencies on the scale. These production values, which have not exhibited the most finesse of sounds, to use an understatement, shroud the music with an even darker, more mysterious veil, rendering the overall atmosphere almost impenetrable and suffocatingly heavy.
The brand of funeral doom displayed on _Deathstination_ is bleak, purposely unmelodious, skeletal and enigmatic; it's not beautiful, it's not even appealing and the very concept of euphony is almost absent from this recording altogether. It is the very antithesis of the melodic bunch of funeral doom bands, and other than the slow pace, shares nothing in common with its peers. If you are a fan of names such as Ea, Remembrance or even the latter outputs by Shape of Despair, than _Deathstination_ is definitely not for you.
However, fans of bleaker, much bleaker doom/death-meets-funeral-doom a sound, stripped of any manners, doom clichés or niceties, that dig Worship, Malasangre, Mournful Congregation or Woebegone Obscured's Danish peers, namely Obskure Torture, and think these bands are their kind of "fun music", must check out these bestial masters of sonic pain and crude, unmerciful "enjoyment".
Let me reiterate, as this is the overwhelming feeling that lingers on, when the last sounds of this album will have died: you mean nothing to the world...

[8 out of 10]



Review by Cody Plucker

Denmark’s Woebegone Obscured were once an obscure funeral doom act, that released their first and only offering back in 2007, called Deathstination. Now, in 2011, I, Voidhanger Recordings have picked up the distribution for the album, and are promoting it accordingly to us “media” folks. These labels that pop up, which go out of their way to promote the underground is the reason why metal is the longest continuing sub-genre of rock that has flourished since it’s inception, because of the scene that spreads the music like wildfire. However, we all know that within this scene, boutique labels like I, Voidhanger can also be responsible pushing out crap music, underground or not, especially in black metal. Well, I am happy to announce that Woebegone Obscured is not one of those groups. This Danish outfit have crafted a remarkable effort, and one that should stand out in a scene that hasn’t seen many such albums released this year.
Deathstination is technically blackened doom metal band. Some have described Deathstination as funeral doom, but to me, funeral doom is much more attune with drone doom than traditional doom, with an emphasis on a dirge-like atmosphere. Deathstination echoes more of the black metal aesthetic, combined with doom-laden guitar riffs, and of course, slow tempos. I mention black metal specifically because of the depth of the atmosphere, with darkness echoing throughout. Whatever one describes this album as though, few will disagree it’s really good.
Interestingly (and a great tie-in to the music), vocalist and drummer D Woe, found inspiration for this project after being committed to a mental hospital. What better inspiration can there be for such demented music than that of a person who has experience that side of the human psyche? D Woe delivers a worthy vocal performance too, that corroborates the dark nature of the music quite well, with a primal growl that almost sounds animal like, which turns into a maniacal, slightly higher registered wail on occasion throughout the album. This is a unique voice in black and doom metal genres, and is a perfect exclamation point.
Overall, Deathstination is full of depth and atmosphere, which lends itself perfectly to those in search of exactly that from this group/album.


Review by Sam Rhodes

Lay Deathstination out on the ground and its human flytrap paper, the stickiest tar, the dredge from the whales depths, taken from the bowels of a decrepit beast buried in a sea of festering maggots. This would stick the world to the dark matter that may or may not surround it, depending on which side of Einstein you stand. Something has to be keeping humans on the earth and not being flung skyward as the earth twists at twenty five thousand miles a day. It’s not gravity, it never was gravity. It was this album. Just as the world holds many things to be discovered, they still exist even without our understanding or their discovery. Woebegone Obscured have always existed, this album was always theirs.
The music isn’t immediately endearing to the listener but such is its nature. Doom isn’t a quick payoff that gives cheap rewards. It takes a lot of patience to work through something like this. The songs are rich in ideas when viewed as a whole, each harbours a wealth of direction, all having a distinct character, but moment to moment it will feel like time is slowing down, prone and thuggish. It’s this that will confuse the average listener and perhaps force an early depression of the stop button. It shouldn’t happen. If you wish for some virtue, start with patience and you will be rewarded.
Ultimately, Woebegone Obscured has created a maligned offering here, doomed to some icy crevasse to be unmolested for another millennia. It’s doom in a fashion not enough will get to hear, sadly, even fewer will actually understand.

[8 out of 10]


Review by James Harvey

Amongst all the happy-go-lucky members of the Funeral Doom scene, WOEBEGONE OBSCURED reign supreme as one of the genre’s defining artists. It’s that dissonant and relentlessly nihilistic sound which keeps the doomsters coming back in their droves, and “Deathstination” is no exception to this format, providing a stark tableau of bleakness reminiscent of bands like AHAB and CATACOMBS, but incorporating a more SATURNUS-esque melodic approach on occasion.
This essence of melody comes from the bands heavy Black Metal influenced sound, and at times the tempo is whisked upwards in a storm-like manner, revealing a certain amount of WATAIN under the exterior wall of drudgery. The speedier sections provide a great amount of alleviation from the cacophonous soundscapes which much of the three initial epic length tracks are comprised of. Compared to bands of the same ilk however, WOEBEGONE OBSCURED lean on a surprisingly melodic foundation, which adds a perfect amount of distinctiveness to each track.
Cacophonous they may be, but these tracks also contain some of the best moments on the record. The reverb-laced guitar work is wonderfully accompanied by vocalist D Woe’s guttural gnashing, creating an entirely impenetrable void of desolation which many other less-capable artists fail to achieve. Then the atmosphere is ramped up another eleven notches with “Stalactites,” a track comprised entirely of dark electronic ambience. The album really does take you to a place you probably don’t want to be.
As much as “Deathstination” tends to veer away from the path, at its core the album functions proudly as a no-nonsense serving of Funeral Doom with more ‘end it all’ moments than you can shake a hearse at. It’s very exciting to see bands like WOEBEGONE OBSCURED enter the market with such a flawlessly engaging sound, and if they carry on heading in this direction, it’s only going to get better.
[9 out of 10]


Review by GandhiEgo

Woebegone Obscured from Denmark had released this gem called Deathstination back in 2007 as a self-release. Meaning, there are already plenty of positive reviews that can be found here and there on the Internet.
As much as I can agree with most of them, describing a genial record that wouldn't fall short if compared to Thergothon or Disembowelment, further listens to Deathstination or somehow "another” culture may also be able to shed some new light on this Danish chef-d’oeuvre.
Obviously, the likes of Evoken or Thergothon are naturals when it comes to comparing with other bands. Woebegone Obscured play Funeral Doom Metal and in the finest possible way. Here nothing sounds dull, here not one single riff goes on forever having you look at your watch in dismay trying to figure out whether time stopped a while ago. Other possible “comparison” contenders may be the regretted Asunder, because Woebegone Obscured develop this fantastic capacity to create sonic landscapes of desolation.
The Gault would be another one since Woebegone Obscured take a lot of their sound from some post-Dark Wave gems with the shadows of Joy Division or early The Cure never that far away. The sound of the guitars and the Black Meta-like vocals are also very reminiscent of US based band Negative Reaction.
Does that make Woebegone Obscured only the patchwork of the aforementioned bands? No, it doesn’t. These guys may even sound as if they’d be the original influences of all these bands. The music is sublime, rich, probably even richer than Mournful Congregation’s Monad of Creation. If there ever was a perfect Funeral Doom Metal record, chances are Deathstination would be high on the list.
Add to this one more obvious touch but obvious only for people that have musical expertise outside the fields of Metal, the post-rock one. This isn't about Isis, this isn't about Neurosis but it’s more about the legends that may have coined the term: Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Woebegone Obscured do not only create sonic soundscapes but they wove their music in some kind of epic, stories of regret and loss, Americana for the melancholy mirroring their Canadian counterpart in expressing the vast landscapes of our modern mal être.
Five tracks only but five tracks that will take you on a very long and adventurous trip outside the boundaries of music and mind. A real treat for any Extreme Doom Metal fan.

[17 out of 20]


Review by Frank Allain

Now this is an interesting slice of dungeonic, despair-laden atmospheric doom and no mistake. Ignoring the shoddy pun of the title, this Danish duo have forged a lengthy record that oozes conviction, bleakness and throat-rending misery from the very off. Fusing the relentless and churning bowel-deep bleakness of Esoteric with Anathema’s more crestfallen (pun intended!) moments – and even a smattering of Abruptum’s pitch-black madness – Woebegone Obscured present a satisfyingly involving experience on this debut.
Originally self-released in 2007, if the promotional spiel from I, Voidhanger is to be believed, mainman D Woe conceptualised this record whilst incarcerated in a home for those with severe mental illnesses. Whether this is just a bit of over-exaggerated puff to generate a bit more interest in the record from the label or a genuine account of the artist’s tribulations is hard to say but nevertheless, the emotion that pours from this disc certainly lends weight to the latter. Lengthy, sprawling songs carve hymns to sorrow and self-destruction. The opening bars of ‘Coils of Inane Comatose’ with their see-sawing catchiness suggest a vague chink of light which is swiftly extinguished by the despondent tides that crash against these very first chords.
Woebegone Obscured have pitched their craft well here – the songs are long but not unnecessarily so, switching pace and dynamics organically and without any of the forced diversions and songwriting cul-de-sacs that bands within this genre can sometimes travel. There’s an almost elemental ebb and flow to the music, demonstrated perfectly by the chiming, twilit clean guitar chords that underpin the bleak instrumental ‘Stalactites’ before night closes in with the hopelessness of finale ‘Deathscape’. Cavernous clean vocals occasionally reverberate in the gloom, adding a monastic element to proceedings. The production too helps here, the band sensibly eschewing the polish of a pristine modern sound for something mistier, more distant sounding. Far from robbing ‘Deathstination’ of power, it only further adds to the recording’s raw desperation.
Thoughtfully composed, authentic and dripping with conviction, this is clearly not an album for everyday listening but for those moments for when the world seems to be painted black, it’s the perfect soundtrack – in the process helping you realise you’re not alone.


Review by Maria D.S.

In unison to the band’s name and the title of this debut, the release starts with slow rhythm and clouds of darkness. Bubbling vocals from the Inferno are decorated with ultra-pessimistic music basis. It is typical for the gender the duration of the first song to be over 10 minutes. Woebegone Obscured have achieved the effect RIGOR SARDONICOUS.

The particular inspiration of K Woe (guitars, bass) is supplemented by the depressive side from D Woe (vocals, drums), who participates in many extreme projects. Their work together lead to the foundation of the first funeral doom band in Denmark (as far as I know). The guys are supported by M Woe (guitars).

The second song is more diverse with acoustic solos included. I already mentioned the gender but as an inspiration it reminds the classicists diSEMBOWELEMENT.

The third opus is more complex. The characteristic described above features here are thrown around in the whole composition as a collage, which leaves the impression of something torn in pieces. Yet in the beginning of the track, as it is in the whole song, are integrated common riffs of CANDLEMASS.

The following short instrumental is rather influenced from the music expression of BURZUM (although the fact that the band does not use keyboards). Not to bring you to commit suicide, Woebegone Obscured made their last composition more dynamic. I mean that the drummer could scratch his back between two of his percussions. However the darkness continues to spill over... a feeling as if at the dawn of the funeral doom metal in the veins of WINTER.

‘Deathstination’ is a strong release for the funeral doom metal community. It is a traditional misunderstanding for this type of a band – the album was recorded in 2007! We have the existential lack of creative expression here… only darkness, lament and denial...
[85 out of 100]



Review by Chad Bower

Woebegone Obscured are a Danish duo playing a maladjusted form of funeral doom drawing inspiration from band mastermind D Woe's foray into a mental institution. Immediately, bizarre acts such as Diagnose: Lebensgefahr and Stalaggh come to mind, but, unlike those "bands," Woebegone Obscured actually play music. Recognizing the potential of such twisted inspiration, I, Voidhanger Records have snatched up Woebegone Obscured, and have now re-released the duo's self-released debut from 2007, Deathstination.
Deathstination is a strange mix of up tempo funeral doom, slow death metal, and an odd moment or two of progressive jazz with clean vocals and a bass sound that emulates Steve DiGiorgio. All the while, Deathstination is backed up by atmosphere with tentacles that reach deep into the recesses of the mind. Besides the requisite slow, crushing riffs, there are plenty of moments of off kilter pacing, guitar effects, and just plain weirdness that almost vaults Deathstination into a subgenre all its own. There's a reason why Deathstination has gained a sort of cult status prior to this re-release. Kudos to I, Voidhanger Records for delving deep into the underground to unearth this gem.
[Grade: A]


Review by Shan Siva

With a drummer that has spent time in a mental institution, this Danish funeral doom death duo continue in fine style taking from the likes of Abruptum, early Burzum, Dead Can Dance and of course, the mighty disEMBOWELMENT. No keyboards, melodies or blast beats on this one whatsoever. Instead, we have dull, thudding drums and dirty fuzz rhythm characterizing 5 morbid tales like 'A Gust Of Demention', 'Coils Of Inane Comatose' and 'Deathscape'. But "Deathstination" is also an album of superb contrasts given the trippy guitar work as well as the vocal styles, alternating between echoing growls and ghostly gothic vocals, all in all making for a highly atmospheric album that successfully captures the depressive mood herein - that of bleakness, suicide, sadness and finally cold, lonely death.


Review by Apochs

Perhaps more band members should stay at insane asylum...
Woebegone Obscured is gaining a lot of attention for a band that hasn't really released anything yet. Formed in Denmark back in 2006, this three piece joins the silently growing underground sensation of "Funeral Doom", a style that quite a number of metal fans have never really heard, or perhaps have only heard one or two bands of. That's about where I stand personally, having heard a few of these bands over time and being opened to it, though having varied opinions towards those bands. Sadly, this is where Deathstination is with me as well, though it leaves a much stronger impression then some bands I, and probably many others not too familiar with this recently growing style, have heard before.
Before getting to the music, let's understand exactly where this album comes from. According to the press release provided by the label, this group apparently formed when the vocalist/drummer, D. Woe, was placed into a mental asylum. According to it, the lyrical content of this album all stems from the depressed ramblings and suicidal thoughts that came to him while in there. The release also goes on to state that the album is like being "in limbo", which it certainly does come off as when you listen to it, without having to read it anywhere. The music is very deep and sinister sounding, dark and melancholic, depressing and sinister, the blackest of black without any sort of light to be found. There's no stereotypes of heaven and hell, but rather bleak emptiness suffocated by darkness and soul crushing heaviness from the guitars playing music that quite often suits the lyrics of this damning album.
Pretty much, the album is summed up. It's almost impossible to sit down and try to disect this release, mostly because if the press release is right, it's literally a genuine self expression through a musical artform to represent a nightmare that many of us cannot comprehend. The music is built to express the hell that was gone through in that asylum, so it's hard to sit down and pick both the music and lyrics and say it's crap, when it's the one member's own volition and expression of what he felt, saw, and lived through. And, for the most part, it just sounds as cruel as the hell he clearly had to go through. But, at the same time, there are elements you simply cannot look past in the recording.
Woebegone Obscured incorporates some Black and Death Metal influences into their music, which gives it a great deal more substance then some of the Funeral Doom Metal acts walking the Earth. The band will throw in some Blackened riffs and atmosphere to make the album sound more melancholid then it would without, and the deep almost Mortician-like gutteral vocals sound inhuman and work more with the slower parts of the songs then some of the heavier, slightly faster ones. "Maestitia" is the perfect example, as the song slows down about two thirds of the way through and becomes a nightmarish atmospheric trip for a good while with gutteral vocals that deep and echoed to the point where it just sounds like a vision of Hell. There is a much lighter vocal moment that occurs here, which throws things off a bit and seems to be an attempt to make it a little more Black Metal, but never should have been included. All of this closes to a much faster, pounding closing to the song where those deep gutterals play a role again, but just don't seem as effective as that higher Black Metal wail would have been that appeared randomly during this slower portion.
"Stalactites" is an impressive instrumental that is very heavy in a burdening sort of way. The music comes off in a manner that makes the listener feel at ease with a darker side, and as if floating or something along those lines. It doesn't necessarily offer much past the initial burdening atmosphere there, and in the last minute it does start to feel a little repetitive. It would have been nice had the song actually cut into the title track, "Deathscape", but, sadly, it doesn't. Other then that, the only problem that can be found is some of the music on "A Gust of Dementation". While the music shifts greatly throughout, there are just times where the music becomes a little bland and focuses too much on atmosphere then pushing the song along, which leads to some awkward passages through the track. Another thing that feels odd about this release is the title track, "Deathscape". The song itself is good, but when you listen and focus on the guitar alone, there are times where the music seems to take a slight Shoegaze approach, conflicting with the melancholic atmosphere by feeling a little more magical, but not in an occult way. It's not a dramatic issue, but it's one of those things that, when you pick up on it, you'll never be able to look past it again.
Deathstination is a soul crushing album, period. It's hard to sit here and really tear into it based on the supposed background that went into it, which I can't honestly verify myself other then the label's word. Whether it happened or not, musically it's well done and manages to capture that nightmarish experience well at times. Other times it's just some slip of the mind elements that break the flow and atmosphere for a short period of time, or just some things that all around don't fit in, or are just awkward to the concept of the album's music in general. Woebegone Obscured definitely handle themselves well for Deathstination, and only show off the many talents the members have to prove a rather fuitful, melancholic future for the band if this is what we should come to expect from them on future releases.

[8,5 out of 10]


Review by Josh Thorne

If one were to look through the history books, one would not find it difficult to see that some of the most poignant and powerful pieces of art have been spawned into existence from dark and terrible places. While imprisoned in Bastille, Marquis De Sade crafted what he considered to be his masterpiece, "120 Days In Sodom", a violent tome of torture and sadomasachism that has yet to be rivaled since it was finished in 1785.
As we fast forward to the present, we're introduced to Woebegone Obscured's debut opus, Deathstination. The record was conceived at a time when drummer/vocalist D Woe was imprisoned within a mental asylum. The album was released in 2007 by the band, but I Voidhanger Records has finally made this funeral death/doom manifesto available for the eager metal public.
Funeral Doom has always been a genre that is very hit or miss for me. However, unlike many of their contemporaries, the genuine pain, loathing, and sadness that Woebegone Obscured presents on Deathstination is so sincere that I can't help but be sucked in repeatedly. Acting as an audio funeral dirge, the five songs that make up Deathstination represent 45 minutes of absolute punishment upon the listener. If I'm not in the right mood to listen to this album intently, the experience is rather uncomfortable and that's likely how the band intended for it to be. I can't fault someone for knowing what they want, even at the expense of my own personal sanity.
I'd also like to commend the guys in Woebegone Obscured for the filth-encrusted production here. I'm tired of bands that require a certain amount of atmosphere taking the route of audio sterilzation. Songs like monolithic opener, "A Gust of Demention", as well as instrumental interlude "Stalactite" absolutely blossom as a result of the raw sound on this LP. The vocals and instrumentation revel in an almost abyssic depth, while the band continuously finds ways to highlight their brand of funeral doom with enough interesting melodies and changes in atmosphere to keep even the newest n00bs of funeral doom/death metal engaged.
If you're a fan of the dark, the desperate, and the self-destructive, don't hesitate to add this to your collection. In the same breath, be warned. This is not a place you'd like to stay.
[4 out of 5]


Review by Robert Otto

One thing must be made clear about “Deathstination”: this release is not for everyone. If it’s not for everyone, it certainly is not for those new to underground extreme metal, those who prefer their metal catchy and melodic, or the faint of heart in general.  The Danish duo of Woebegone Obscured don’t pull any punches on “Deathstination”, and the end result is an ugly, dark, and utterly soul-crushing array of blackened doom metal despair that makes Cradle of Filth look like a pep rally in comparison.  The songs are long, bleak, and meandering, the guitars are obscured by heavy layers of distortion and studio fuzz, the drums play at the tempo of a funeral dirge, and the vocals are unsettling evil death metal growls.  However, for all the ugliness, brutality, and despair, there is a fundamentally solid collection of music to be found in “Deathstination” for the metal listener with the ability to hear the beauty behind Woebegone Obscured‘s twisted wall of audial despair.
In addition to not being for everyone, “Deathstination” is one of those albums that is meant to be listened to from start to finish, and perhaps even thought of as a single forty-five minute song.  The album opens strong with “A Gust of Demention”, which is arguably the darkest and slowest track on an album, rife with darkness and absurdly slow tempos.  Although virtually all the tracks on “Deathstination” appear to wander around aimlessly on first listen, under closer inspection it’s clear that each track progresses in its own way.  The album centerpiece, “Maestitia,” begins with strange, chaotic melodies juxtaposed with death/doom brutality before gradually and subtly transitioning into melancholic clean guitar ambience and operatic vocals, which in turn transition to the track’s grand finale of mid-paced blastbeats and wild tremolo riffing.  Another interesting aspect factoring into the listening experience is the extended use of bizarre ambient sound effects.  Both “Coils of Inane Comatose” and “Deathscape” feature mid-sections consisting of strange, demonic-sounding whispers, rain sound effects, ethereal choirs, and droning guitar ambience which contribute both to the overarching themes of hopelessness and horror and to making “Deathstination” a unique listening experience not easily rivaled by other funeral doom metal acts.
Although the percentage of metalheads out there who will “get” this release is probably low, “Deathstination” should prove to be a highly rewarding listening experience for the few out there who listen to and enjoy funeral doom metal. Indeed, it is extremely difficult to think of a more solid all-around funeral doom release in recent memory, and perhaps one day it might even be seen for what it is: as a tragically obscure gem of an album.
[4,5 out of 5]


Review by Laurent Lignon

When was the last time where you've been truly afraid by a Funeral Doom album? Over the course of the last decade, Funeral Doom has evolved from the purulent dry coldness of Thergothon to become something more musically developed, with classical/religious music influences. Bands like Until Death Overtakes Me, Pantheist or Nortt, while great musically, doesn't bring the feeling of utter dread that made 'Streams From The Heavens' such a timeless classic. Come Denmark's Woebegone Obscured, and I was pretty sure before even listening to it that I'll be forced through another bad attempt to sound like Nortt. I was damn wrong.
The only common point between the 2 bands is the country of origin. For Woebegone Obscured, to start, doesn't use any keyboards. Everything is done through the use of programming, guitars and bass. And the sound creating is nothing but audio freezing death. Alternating long songs of pure heavy darkness (the brilliant 'Maestitia' is nothing short from a classic in the genre) with excellent, more introspective instrumental parts (the sublime 'Stalactites' bring forth images of meditating in a deep-below cold cave where light has never been), the Danish duo pay tribute to the mightiest bands of the genre: diSEMBOWELMENT and Thergothon.
What makes Woebegone Obscured better than a thousand of other bands in the genre is its will to challenge your mind. It's easy to bring echoes to some guitars and bass to create a cold atmosphere, but it's harder to actually manage you to FEEL it. The record is full of great ideas (like the scarce use of clean vocals in the background, another nod to diSEMBOWELMENT), and the feeling of Death is omnipresent all along the 45 minutes Hell-trip that this gem is. And when you know that one of the band members spent some times in a mental asylum, you understand where this bleak soundtrack comes from. I'm generally not fan of Black-metallers doing Doom, for the two scenes have things in common musically, but not spiritually in my own opinion. Woebegone Obscured showed me that I was wrong, and I'm glad they did it so well. Get this album, it may be one of the best Funeral doom releases you'll ever hear.


Review by Perplexed Sjel

Its taken me a long time to get around to listening to Woebegone Obscured’s debut, ‘Deathstination’, a record based around a rather obvious, but effectively apt pun that describes precisely what we, the listener, will face on our travels through the realms of the pits of Hell. Having just been acquainted with our death, after a life of being subjected to torments, both mentally and physically, we’re now subjected to an afterlife of suffering the eternal torment of a place in Hell’s underworld forever more. Woebegone Obscured are a devilish incarnation within the funeral doom scene, but interestingly enough, this Danish two piece band also acquaint themselves well with the black and death genres of metal. So much so that they’re now all best friends and life unhappily ever after together, like a sadistic fairytale in which the prince’s potential bride is mutilated by the slashing guitars, or the prince himself has suffered the fate of being pummelled to death by the unadventurous, but altogether murderous drums which pound solidly down upon his head, blow after blow without ever flinching at the amount of blood pouring from the skull of the soon to be deceased hero. This story is one of masochism, sadism and intent to destroy the listeners purist soul with the temptations of the Devil himself. Lucidly inspiring visions of another horrifying holocaust, Woebegone Obscured have something outstanding to offer the repetitive funeral scene with their own funerary sound that takes outside influences and mixes them with ease into the routine approach. Gigantic soundscapes, coupled with inspiring individual performances make this atmospheric piece a gem to the funeral scene.
In some ways, this surprising Danish band remind me of the infamous Disembowelment, whose grandiose Australian ways have granted them a place in the history books and the hearts of many, many fans across the globe. This perhaps inaccessible style isn’t going to suit the needs of everyone, but for the tired funeral doom fan in search of something different from the formulaic standards of the slow paced and unwitting sub-genre of doom, this is the place to be so look no further than ‘Deathstination’ for your kicks and toil in the experimentation that Woebegone Obscured have inflicted on this record. This aptly named debut full-length cannot be given the same treatment as its peers because it does not strictly belong with them, although the funeral doom tag will most certainly have them placed alongside some of the dullest bands known to man. This interesting hybrid have so much character that if they were to share their talents and gifts of experimenting with dull funeral doom bands like Waverly Hills, they could force those acts to become interesting whilst still maintaining high levels of intrigue themselves. This Danish outfit have a lot going for them, its just a shame so little information is held on them. Supposedly they’re still active, so that’s a positive and having been so reluctant to listen to this band to begin with, in fear of it being another drab session of slow paced funeral doom with next to no atmosphere, I’m left craving more of this demonic band and its fresh conjurations as it fuses black, death and doom together effortlessly.
The best example of the bands talents can be found on the inexplicably brilliant ‘Maestitia’, which affectively combines all three aforementioned genres into one through using slow to mid to fast paced tempos, clean and harsh vocals, as well as differing and varied atmospheric tendencies that lean towards black metal for a brief period with some clichéd rasping vocals, then turn their hand at the death scene with the important percussion blasts, before returning to the overwhelming evident funeral doom base that lays the foundations and supports much of the atmosphere present like scaffolding. Though certain influences and aspects of the instrumentation and vocals may be included in scarcities, they’re nevertheless still as important as the formulaic and consistent elements that stride along with grace. Take the clean vocals, as an example. I didn’t expect this area of music to be found here, on a funeral doom record and though they’re use sparingly, they’re effective in their conjuration of emotions that the harsh vocals cannot portray. The hollow pain is evident. Numbing bodies prepared for death are greeted by the adventurous double bass of the percussion which takes influence from the death metal scene with its constant kicking effects and the slowly induced atmospheres that seep out and on to the soundscapes like paint on a blank canvas are typical of funeral doom. The echo that the bass and guitars provide is formulaic too, but dynamic enough to warrant praise. Unlike other funeral doom bands, Woebegone Obscured like the challenge that being a hybrid comes with. This experimental piece is brave and daring. In being so, it pays dividends to the listener as it preaches a message of imminent death and the ending of life on a huge scale. As the additional information states, there is no happiness to be found here, only depression and suicide solutions.
[90 out of 100]


[Issue 16]
Review by The Inquisitor

So here we are with another fledgling career blossoming from the shores of the most metal part of Scandinavia, Err ... Denmark! But mock ye not as this funeral doom band packs a lot of promise and as it indulges us with some death and black metal influences it is clear to see that not only do 'Woebegone Obscured' mean business but they also mean to keep things well and truly on the down tuned side but are not against bringing in other themes to keep the pace, the flow and the overall sound fresh and interesting. Already adapting to the extreme metal lifestyle 'Woebegone Obscured' have already adopted the unreadable logo and now with their debut release 'Deathstination' they are ready to take on the world with their oppressively heavy blend of grinding riffs that keep the going slow, the growling vocals that mire the band in a raw wilderness of pain and futility and the every present brutality that rises off all the bands repertoire like fog off a wintry forest lake! As far as debuts go this needs to be handled with care and leaves a lasting impression. 'Woebegone Obscured' are set to put 'Denmark' back on the extreme metal map with a dire vengeance!
[7,5 out of 10]


Review by Pathologist

Tym razem solidna dawka ciekawych dźwięków dotarła do mnie z Dani, w której to mrocznej krainie tworzy trio jegomościów pod ciekawymi pseudonimami K Woe, M Woe i D Woe.
Ten ostatni udziela się w kapelach thrash’owych, death’owych i black’owych, co dowodzi, że człowiek ów posiada szerokie zainteresowania muzyczne i bardzo dobrze. Tym bardziej ze Woebegone Obscured to jeszcze inny temat. W ramach tego projektu powstał trzy lata temu jedyny długograj, który teraz został ponownie wydany. Materiał zatytułowany, „Deathstination” zawierający pięć numerów tak przygniatających i smolistych, że głowa mała. Panowie Woe zamieścili tu solidna dawkę Funeral Doom Metalu, dodatkowo wzmocnionego ultra posępnym i dołującym Death Metalowym wokalem. Całość tworzy naprawdę zajebisty klimat mroku, depresji i wszechogarniającej pustki. Dokładnie tak powinien brzmieć pogrzebowy doom – totalnie odhumanizowany i przeokrutnie ciężki i smolisty. Mie ma tu mowy o relaksie, duszny klimat nie pozawala się odprężyć, a atmosfera niepokoju dodatkowo potęguje wrażenie. Kawałki mimo swej długości nie nudzą, gdyż maja tak rozbudowaną strukturę, że w każdej minucie mogą zaskoczyć czymś nowym, wyłaniającym się z tego oceanu smoły. Dodatkowe wrażenie robią pojawiające się chóralne śpiewy – nie będę pisał gdzie i kiedy, bo element zaskoczenia zniknie. Osobna kwestia to brzmienie, które jest delikatnie rzecz ujmując nienajlepsze, ale moim zdaniem w tego typu produkcjach to nie wada, a wręcz zaleta dodająca jeszcze więcej brudu i obrzydliwości tym dźwiękom. Ale na ten temat to pewnie ma każdy swoją teorię.
Generalnie nie jest to płyta na relaksacyjne popołudnie po pracy przy piwku. Poza tym przytłaczający klimat męczy po pewnym czasie i nie da rady inaczej, trzeba zapuścić coś bardziej skocznego. Muzyka to specyficzna i jest z nią jak z piciem wódy na ostro – na początku ciekawie, a potem łeb boli.
[8 out of 10]


Review by Octavio Ramos Jr.

Denmark’s Woebegone Obscured make their full-length debut with Deathstination, a five-track CD that combines funeral doom and drone with black and death metal. The idea for the band and their debut CD came to drummer, vocalist, and guitarist D Woe (Skinned Beyond Recognition and Tronraner) when he was committed to a mental asylum. It was while so committed that his loathing in depression and suicidal thoughts led him to lyrical inspiration.
The predominant genre on display is funeral doom, as the pace here feels like moving through dense rock—painful, slow, with the scars never lifted. D Woe sets down long flashes of percussion, with vehement and mid-paced master blasters that seemingly echo forever. Black hole K Woe handles the bass, making the woofer moan and drone with licks that will rattle even the most stalwart shingles.
K, D, and M Woe all handle the guitars, which rip a page out of the drone files and slow things down even more. Riffs move like mud in a swamp, with an occasional hook managing to escape to the surface, only to consume itself. Leads are almost non-existent, with notes slamming into each other to evoke shadows of harmony. Melody is a key ingredient, as on the track “Maestitia” (Latin for “grief”), but always there is the buzz and the whirr, enveloping each track with obsidian darkness. Then there are D Woe’s vocals, which are gruff and echo from the crypt itself. Clean vocals are also used, and these are filled with haunting pain and anger.
With one exception (“Stalactites”), tracks are more than eight minutes long. Lyrics hint at the stages of insanity and the cosmic nature of the mind, its vacuoles the very regions of inner space. “Coils of Inane Comatose” lead to “Deathscape,” with “A Gust of Demention” (get it?) thrown in for good measure. The CD comes housed in a slipcase complete with a 12-page full-color booklet with lyrics, for those interested in examining the words of a lunatic.
Deathstination is for the dreamers and those who claim outwardly that they are sane. If you are not haunted, you will be. The truly sane—and dull—should not bother.


Review by Aymerick "Painless"

Sorti en autoproduction en 2007, le premier album des Danois de WOEBEGONE OBSCURED, Deathstination, se voit offrir une nouvelle jeunesse par l’intermédiaire d’I VOIDHANGER RECORDINGS en ce début d’année 2011. Depuis ce premier essai, le trio est resté bien muet et cela permet de constater qu’ils sont toujours en vie… c’est déjà pas mal car à l’écoute des 5 titres, soit 45 minutes de Funeral, on peut se poser des questions sur l’état psychologique des gaillards. "A Gust Of Demention" nous ouvre les portes d’un monde obscur et oppressant, amateurs d’ESOTERIC, EVOKEN, THERGOTHON et diSEMBOWLMENT, voilà une ambiance qui devrait raviver chez vous vos envies dépressives. Certes, "Maestitia" amène un peu de lumière avec quelques mélodies éclairées, un peu plus de rythme avant un break ambiant très réussi, mais que tout ceci est sombre et poisseux. L’influence Black Metal n’est pas étrangère a cette sensation de grand froid qui se dégage de la musique de WOEBEGONE OBSCURED, dans la voix Black mais aussi dans les rares voix claires qui, elles aussi, font penser à l’utilisation que le Black Metal Old School en fait, une voix presque neutre, comme si on l’avait vidé de toute substance. Deathstination est un voyage dont le point de départ est clairement annoncé dans le titre de l’album, l’ambiance qui règne sur "Coils Of Inane Comatose" fait une sensation de chaud/froid avec cette petite mélodie qui n’est pas sans rappeler MOURNFUL CONGREGATION alors que tout autour se fait glacial et sombre, seul D. WOE à la batterie semble encore en mesure de réchauffer un peu tout cela avec des changements de rythme assez peu fréquent dans le Funeral Doom Metal en général, et ce, sans jamais briser l’ambiance de l’album, une petite prouesse qui ajoute encore un peu de crédit à ce premier méfait des Danois. L’instrumental, très posé, "Stalactites" finit de faire tomber le brouillard avant que l’ultime "Deathscape" ne vienne l’épaissir définitivement, les guitares frénétiques très Black dans l’esprit plante un décor apocalyptique jubilatoire. Pour ceux qui n’avaient pas encore acheté cet album, voilà une recommandation très forte, à signaler que l’artwork a été revu avec un livret 12 pages, un petit bonus qui fait de cette sortie, un album de Funeral Doom/Death Metal incontournable.


Review by AZM

This is Crushingly slow Doom/Death and for one I could not have a bigger smile on my face. If you like Dusk, Thergothon, Mournful Congregation, Womb or the mighty Esoteric. This is the so ultra low and guttural in sound and style the guitars sound like bass guitars and the vocals are those of a bear taking its last dying breathes. Woebegone Obscured is more of a blackened metal name so I wonder if that is were they came from. This band has a lot in common with the slower Incantation material as well . There is a pain and bombastic element that doesnt always come across with other bands. I swear this band could cause earthquakes and tidal wides that how DOOM they are. I'm so pleased to see a band like this keeping this very sub genered style alive.


Review by Mordant

Woebegone Obscured’s “Deathstination” was originally released back in 2007, by the band themselves, but now it has finally gotten a proper release. This is quite a harrowing experience, 5 tracks of slow, mind numbing, mesmerizing, bleak, obscure, morbid, hypnotic dirges proclaiming death upon all and everything. The music is best described as Death/Doom Metal played in a Funeral Doom pace with the occasional injection of Black Metal. This is really interesting stuff, and everyone into Funeral Doom will really appreciate Woebegone Obscured’s musical melancholy.


Review by Snarl

Pare che i Silencer abbiano fatto scuola, non c’è che dire. Pare che adesso qualsiasi gruppo che faccia funeral doom debba essere non solo depresso, ma anche stare non bene di mente e sbatterlo allegramente nella biografia, come se fosse una cosa di cui vantarsi, oppure come se fosse bello o rispettoso per chi ha di questi problemi. Voi ci credete? Io fiuto un trend, ma magari mi sbaglio.
Ma veniamo al disco di questi Woebegone Obscured, che condensano in 45 minuti splittati in 4 tracce più intermezzo di un buon funeral doom death abbastanza lento e pesante da rispettare tutti i crismi del genere, ma anche abbastanza vario da non rendere stereotipato il disco, che altrimenti sarebbe risultato una lagna insopportabile.
Diversi sono i nomi di riferimento degli WO in questo album, e si rifanno abbastanza chiaramente ai Catacombs americani a causa di uno stile quasi sempre lento ma supportato da una chitarra solista, non mancando tuttavia di far fare anche al basso la sua figura, che riesce a intrecciare momenti con la chitarra, come nella parte centrale di “Maestitia”, e dando risultati molto piacevoli. È anche la chitarra ritmica che riesce a fare la sua figura in quanto molto ben ispirata con uno stile che colpisce particolarmente nella migliore del lotto “Coils of inane comatose”, che è la migliore canzone del lotto. Particolare è qui l’utilizzo delle atmosfere utilizzate che fa avvicinare questa band addirittura agli ultimi Dolorian, soltanto resi un po’ meno acidi. Ho trovato particolarmente riuscito anche l’utilizzo di alcune accelerazioni a tempi medi che aggiungono ulteriore dinamismo, e anche alcuni cori come quelli presenti nell’ultima canzone.
Tirando le somme: questi Woebegone Obscured non saranno ai livelli degli eccellenti gruppi della Firebox/Firedoom records, ma bisogna ammettere che hanno abbastanza limitato i danni e sono riusciti a rispondere per le rime facendo un disco che, come molti in questo genere, è estremamente monolitico e compatto, ma nondimeno anche abbastanza variegato e con alcune giuste intuizioni. Gli appassionati del doom ci possono tranquillamente buttare un ascolto ed acquistarlo se vogliono: non ne rimarranno delusi.
[78 out of 100]


[January 2011]

Review by Alessio Oriani

Registrato nel 2007, l'album di debutto dei doomster danesi Woebegone Obscured raggiunge una forma completa solo oggi. Deathstination è un album che parte da una base funeral doom intrisa di death e black metal, pescando a piene mani dalla tradizione di Thergothon, Disembowelment, Evoken, Esoteric e Skepticism, ma che nei suoi sviluppi iper-rallentati si spinge lontano in territori ambient e drone, finendo per ricordare anche certa roba di SunnO))) e Khanate. Una traccia su tutte per chiarire alla perfezione la natura di Deathstination è la splendida Coils Of Inane Comatose. La produzione è molto interessante: la chitarra è così distorta, e l'accordatura così bassa, che va a creare quasi un tappeto ambient per l'impossibilità di distinguere con precisione riff e note. Il basso, più pulito e comprensibile, colpisce con forza mentre la batteria si fa notare per un lavoro fantasioso e variegato, con fill molto azzeccati ed interessanti che rendono molto agili anche i pezzi da dieci minuti. La voce è invece un ringhio rancoroso che resta sempre in background, dando quasi la falsa impressione di un album strumentale. Quella dei Woebegone Obscured è una visione molto personale che si lega alla perfezione con il particoare concept lirico dell'album (stati mentali alterati, depressione, limbo, esperienze di pre-morte). Un album da non sottovalutare.
[7 out of 10]


Review by Oliver

Formé en 2006 au Danemark Woebegone Obscured est un duo composé de D aux vocaux, batterie et guitare et de K aux guitares et à la basse. Leur premier album Deathstination, initialement sorti en autoproduction en 2007, se voit aujourd'hui redonner une seconde vie via le label I, Voidhanger Records.
Viser le casque sur vos oreilles, fermer tous les volets de la maison, allumer quelques bougies et installer vous confortablement dans un fauteuil. Une précaution à prendre avant d'appuyer sur la touche play de votre lecteur : enlever tout objet tranchant, corde (je vous conseil même d'enlever les lacets de vos chaussures), car l'expérience va être des plus traumatisante. 5 titres pour 45 minutes, entre funeral, doom et quelques attaques black, ce skeud est à conseiller aux malades mentaux, aux dépressifs et autres personnes qui adorent la vie. La marche funéraire débute avec les 10 minutes de "A Gust Of Demention". Le titre se met doucement en place à coup de cordes distendues, le tempo ultra lent entre en jeu, les vocaux sont d'outre-tombe, tout est pesant, oppressant, leur funeral-doom est d'une noirceur à toutes épreuves. Au bout de 2 minutes 30 on a droit à un break atmosphérique glauque et à un lead pleurnicheur qui vient nous cracher sa misère à la face. Le rythme lent et dépressif reprend ses droits et on se fait littéralement écraser par la folie macabre du duo, il devient alors impossible de reprendre le contrôle de notre pauvre personne. Une sorte de mélancolie malsaine se dégage en permanence, l'agression est mentale et non physique, le mal-être omniprésent et pourtant on se complet dans cette prison que le groupe est en train de bâtir tout autour de nous. Malgré très peu de variations et un tempo vraiment pesant la musique de Woebegone Obscured s'avère être très subtile (d'où le port du casque obligatoire).
"Maestitia" qui prend la suite présente plus de diversités, le rythme est un peu plus élevé et on notera enfin des accélérations brutales qui rendent le tout un peu plus digeste. Même constat au niveau des vocaux où au bout de 4 minutes quelques parties claires font leur apparition avec des arpèges glaciaux comme trame de fond. Mais celles-ci sont rapidement évincées par un chant black hargneux, des leads fantomatiques et une rythmique toujours autant écrasante. Vraiment terrifiant car une fois que l'album débute il est trop tard pour faire marche arrière. "Coils Of Inane Comatose" ne changera pas la donne et tous nos membres sont paralysés par le son malsain qui colle dans nos oreilles. On retrouve de nouveau ce mid-tempo pesant avec des interventions de leads hypnotiques plus légers. Quelques accélérations viennent nous bousculer et des breaks atmosphériques interviennent pour nous enfoncer encore plus profondément dans notre névrose. "Stalactites" est un titre instrumental plutôt court (moins de 4 minutes) alliant acoustique et nappes de synthé nous permettant d'entrevoir une lueur d'espoir. Espoir de courte durée car le dernier morceau, "Deathscape", déboule directement avec un lead typique black qui nous replonge dans des atmosphères dépressives en combinant mélodies maladives et agression sournoise. Comme tout ce qui est laid ce skeud vous procurera une attirance irrésistible alors ne dites pas que je ne vous ai pas prévenu.
Véritable rencontre avec l'au-delà, votre pire cauchemar vient de prendre forme. Un album que tout bon dépressif se doit de posséder.


Review by Lord Doom

Doom metal is a sub-genre that gets a lot of flak from orthodox metal fans for being “boring” or “too slow”, even more so for the processionary pace of funeral doom. Enter Denmark’s Woebegone Obscured, self-described as a “blackened funeral doom” band, with their debut full length Deathstination (self-released in 2007 and now re-released by I, Voidhanger records) – a crushingly slow doom album punctuated by high-energy black metal flourishes and a very apparent progressive mentality.
Discordant guitars howl over a thick sludge of bass and reverb, with the drums setting the speed of the funeral march. From the first track, the careful balance of these elements is very apparent, with each sitting comfortably on top of one another to create a rich, mournful atmosphere. That atmosphere is carried effectively through the first three plus-ten-minute tracks before an instrumental interlude and the title track as a closer. The album as a whole feels very coherent and well paced – designed to be enjoyed as one full helping, rather than a smaller collection of bite-sized chunks.Atmosphere is what drives funeral doom and Woebegone Obscured have it in buckets. As previously mentioned, the guitars often sound very discordant in places, no doubt deliberately, in order to create a nauseous, disconnected, lost feeling within each song. The chord progressions are thick and repetitive, but far from monotonous, and just before a riff threatens to become stale, another one will step in and pick the song back up. Every now and then the doom lets up a little, allowing Mayhem-esque black metal to spill forth. Lots of blast beats, high-octane kick drums and chaotic notes create a sense of desperation and insanity before abandoning the listener back into the doom void. These stylings, reminiscent of Thergothon and seminal doom metal band diSEMBOWELMENT, are used sparingly, and effectively; making the listener wary of each impending twist and turn through the songs. The riffing is fairly traditional (by doom metal standards, at least), relying on subtle guitar accents and leads to provide texture to the flat, doomy progressions that make up the meat of the songs. So traditional, in fact, I am pretty sure I heard the main riff to Candlemass‘ “Solitude” at the beginning of “Coils of Inane Comatose”.
D Woe’s vocals bear special mention for being at just the right places and never being too invasive or overbearing, leaving plenty of room for the other musical elements to breathe. On occasion, particularly mournful clean vocals cut through, rising above the fog before being pulled back down by the dominant death vocals. The low, near-unintelligible delivery makes deciphering the lyrics difficult, but from what I could make out, it is very typical funeral doom metal fare. But then again, with track titles like “A Gust of Dementation” and “Maestitia” (Latin for sadness or grief) it would be difficult to think anything these depressed Danes are doing anything otherwise.
Deathstination is a solid funeral doom album, giving fans of the genre plenty to sink their teeth into. There is also enough innovation in the riffs and arrangement to attract newcomers, though it certainly is not easily listening. Woebegone Obscured are definitely a band to watch in the future, although the book of true doom firmly dictates that they will release one stellar album and then promptly disband. Here’s to hoping the axiom is not true in this case!
[3 out of 5 — A thick, meaty helping of doom]


Review by MaGrAe

Ein wirklicher dunkler Brocken war “Deathstination” bereits 2007, Ende 2010 fand das seinerzeit selbstveröffentlichte De- büt der Dänen Woebegone Obscured nun seine Würdigung als Wieder -veröffentlichung über das Qualitätslabel I, Voidhangar Records. Vor- her noch kurz durchatmen und dann hinein in die finstere Welt:
“Deathstination” klingt nach Funeral Doom in Reinkultur. Schleppend, tief growlende Stimmen & entfernt-hallender Klang bieten die perfekte Bühne für einen Abstieg in den Zerfall und Untergang der Welt. Dabei scheinen die drei Herren hinter Woebegone Obscured bei The Ruins of Beverast ganz genau hingehört zu haben, den ein beträchtlicher Teil der Wirkung wird durch dunkel singende Gitarrenspuren der Marke “Rain Upon The Impure” bestritten – glücklicherweise wird aber nie billig kopiert (was sowieso ein heilloses Unterfangen wäre).
Im Gegenteil, eine eigene Richtung und das feine Gespür für jene traurig-zarten Melodien, die es für diese Musiksparte braucht, finden sich hier in jeder der fünf Kompositionen. Schönerweise versteift man sich auch nicht auf gänzlich kriechendes Gut, sondern weiß hier und da ebenso mit schnelleren Passagen Akzente zu setzen, wodurch das Albumniveau nochmals angehoben wird. Was aber die wirkliche Schönheit von „Deathstination“ ausmacht, sind die Momente der Einkehr, wenn fast undurchdringbare Stille nur von klaren Gitarren getragen wird – herrlich!
Was damals wie heute fehlt, ist eine passendere Produktion. So klingt diese zwar für Genreverhältnisse absolut passend, könnte aber im Sinne der Wirkung durchaus mehr Charakter bzw. Selbstbewusstsein vertragen. Die tristen Stellen klingen manchmal noch zu weich, die schwer-monolithischen dagegen nicht drückend genug. Wenn dieser marginale Fehler noch ausgemerzt, und der Liedaufbau noch zielgerichteter auf einen Klimax samt trostloser Gitarrenlinien hinlaufen würde, wäre ich vollends zufrieden. Man wird sehen, was der hoffentlich baldige Nachfolger bringt – ich bin gespannt!
“Deathstination” bietet den perfekten Soundtrack für einen gepflegten Abstieg ins Dunkel. Doom-Liebhaber kommen hier voll auf ihre Kosten. Woebegone Obscured bergen zwar keine bahnbrechende Originalität, dafür aber Tristesse, Trauer und Gefühl in Reinform.


Review by Aceust

Deathstination ist die Wiederveröffentlichung des 2007 in Eigenregie veröffentlichten Debütalbums. Woebegone Obscured kommt aus Dänemark und spielt hier rohen Death Funeral Doom ohne Kompromisse. Die Musik ist überaus zäh, der dunkel und kehlig verzerrte Gesang könnte bösartiger und unheiliger gar nicht sein. Und da die Klangproduktion alles andere als hochglanzpoliert ist, erfährt die ohnehin schon düstere Musik noch einen zusätzlich negativen Charakter. Manchmal klingt Woebegone Obscured wie eine rauere Version von Evoken, der man noch einen Schuss Nortt und dISEMBOWELMENT hinzugefügt hat. Allerdings sind die Riffs von Deathstination weniger atmosphärisch und bestimmend wie bei Evokens Meisterwerk Quietus und auch nicht ganz so verzweifelt wie bei Nortt's Gudsforladt. Dafür sorgen die vereinzelten Tempoausbrüche für wahrliche obskure Momente. Leicht atmosphärische Elemente gibt es aber auch auf Deathstination. Neben dunkelatmosphärischen und bizarren Gitarrenmelodien ist beispielsweise auch einmal Klargesang zu hören. Allerdings nur sehr kurz und auch im direkten Wechsel zum death-doomigen Gegurgel.
Deathstination ist ein feines Album, das düster und gern auch obskur ist. Wer die drei genannten Bands mag, wird mit Woebegone Obscured absolut nichts falsch machen. Aber auch sonst, wenn man Funeral Doom mag, ist Deathstination empfehlenswert, da es nicht zu monoton geraten ist und sowohl atmosphärische als auch rhythmische Variation bietet.
[7 out of 10]


Review by Jack Traveller

Deathstination is the new album by the ridiculously named Woebegone Obscured, a funeral doom band who hail from Denmark.
Deathstination opens in a typical funeral doom fashion – that is to say, turgidly. Monolithic guitar riffs of the kind a slave army could raise a 500 tonne obelisk to vie with relentless drums in a way reminiscent of two massive yet evenly matched creatures wrestling for supremacy. The whole effect is quite glorious, and if you appreciate down tempo music you’ll almost certainly enjoy this. It isn’t all crushing 30bpm chordal passages though – Woebegone Obscured know, as all good funeral doom bands do, how to create an atmosphere using minimalistic feedback and lengthily held single notes which, when combined with lazily-picked clean riffs, become hypnotic and relaxing, ‘Stalactites’, the fourth of five tracks, is particularly pleasant in this respect. The lead guitar work on the E.P. consists of esoteric melodies in mysterious-sounding scales, absolutely drenched in reverb, lending the whole thing an air of Catacombs to it – though I would venture that the music is possibly less aggressive than that of Catacombs.
Although I have been positive about the music above, if I had to single out one element of this album for praise it would be the production. While it must be said that funeral doom should never ever have the sterile, overmastered production that so many of the death metal subgenres flirt with, I often feel that in their dedication to the analogue, a lot of doom bands go too far the other way and end up with something that is so under-produced that it loses its heaviness – a vital ingredient for good doom. On Deathstination, Woebegone Obscured have, to my ears at least, managed to find a near perfect balance. The drums are raw and trashy, yet they still have enough weight and clarity to drive the music forward even in the faster parts – and make no mistake, this may be funeral doom, but in songs like ‘Maestitia’, the double kick manages to attain a fair old lick. The rhythm guitar tone is fantastically gritty and grainy, which really comes out in the palm muted riffs, and has a warmth that nicely offsets the relentless coldness of the melodies.
Talking of melodies, I do have at least one criticism here for Woebegone Obscured, and that is the criminal under use on this album of vocalist D. Woe’s clean singing. He displays a nice variance of different growls throughout the CD (the principal being the Ahabesque ‘How Low Can You Go?’ style which so often crops up in funeral doom), but his cleans only really make themselves known in “Maestitia”. This is a shame, because his voice is wonderfully mournful, and suits the tone of the music perfectly. I’d love to hear him do more cleans on future releases.
To conclude, Woebegone Obscured aren’t really breaking any barriers here, this is plain old funeral doom, just like mama used to make, but regardless of that, they’ve made a well crafted release with some good songs and good ideas. Worth adding to the collection of any fan of slow, heavy things.
[3,5 out of 5]


Review by Andrea Punzo

Trio danese - tre fratelli? - alle prese con un funeral doom come da tradizione, monolitico e tombale. Viscerale, occulto, si priva di qualsiasi innesto tastieristico rendendo 'Deathstination' un lavoro opprimente che, comunque, non si lascia pregare quando deve accelerare in fatto di ritmiche, o deve spaziare con suoni più liquidi. In questo le due chitarre lavorano di fino donando ai brani le dovute, necessarie dilatazioni. Così come la voce di D. che dal growl cavernoso passa a registri più clean in base all'occorrenza. Certo intenzione principe dei nostri è quella di ricreare un'atmosfera depressiva, quindi nessuna apertura melodica, nessuna progressione, solo dannato e marcio metal oscuro alle prese con una latente instabilità mentale di fondo. Un debutto destinato a fa parlare di sè e che si caratterizza tramite la forte personalità di una band non alle prime armi - da anni già attiva in precedenza nella scena black - e che ha tratto l'attuale ispirazione (purtroppo e per fortuna) dai problemi di D. costretto ad internamento causa manie depressivo-suicide. Da questo anche il monicker geniale, e l'atmosfera malata, fredda, asfittica, da istituto psichiatrico che si respira lungo le cinque tracce che compongono 'Deathstination'. Riferimenti a band come Thergothon non mancano, ma i Woebegone Obscured sanno essere personali e non sfigureranno al fianco di nomi già affermati.
[77 out of 100]


Review by Andrea Moretti

L'attività della nostrana I, Voidhanger Records sembra essere specializzata nel recupero di piccole particelle di ossidiana che in mezzo a tanta cenere e carbone rischierebbero l'abbandono e la perdita.
Lo avevamo visto con Firmament dei Midnight Odyssey che, però, era stato ripreso abbastanza in fretta, (ri)proponendolo al pubblico con uno scarto temporale di una manciata di mesi rispetto alla versione autoprodotta.
Questa volta rimaniamo in territorio europeo, ci spostiamo, più precisamente, in Danimarca per (ri)scoprire i Woebegone Obscured e il loro Deathstination, prodotto che ha visto formalmente la luce nel 2007 ma che, grazie a questo intervento, possiamo (ri)apprezzare oggi con i crismi di una distribuzione ufficiale (peraltro costola dell'ATMF).
Il combo danese propone un funeral doom rivolto verso il death metal ma che spesso tocca una certa matrice compositiva affine al black; la sezione ritmica, pur mantenendo i classici connotati lenti e cadenzati, svolta frequentemente in stanche raffiche di doppia cassa, abbracciandosi al lato più brutale della componente death.
I profondi growl di D Woe e le sue bassissime chitarre fanno il resto in questo processo di trasfigurazione del death metal.
L'attingere dai classici sembra essere fatto in maniera cosciente ma personale; troviamo, ovviamente, un certo background riconducibile ai Thergothon anche se i nostri hanno un modo tutto loro di usare le tastiere: queste non appaiono infatti come una presenza inesorabile e fatua (come nella seminale band finlandese), né rivestono quel tappeto amalgamante che possiamo sentire nei connazionali Nortt.
A dir la verità l'uso dei sintetizzatori è dosato col misurino in favore di maggiori effetti chitarristici che riescono a variare abilmente l'esecuzione dei lunghi brani. Qualche delay che rimbalza nella vuota caverna sonora di Maestitia riesce ad agitare vagamente lo stato di trance in cui lo spettatore è calato da una ventina di minuti.
La colpa (o meglio, il merito) è da attribuire, prima, all'opener Guts of Demention che coi suoi 10 minuti di oblio traccia i rintocchi inesorabili del tempo a suon di plettrate death. La caduta nel vuoto continua, appunto, con Maestitia, traccia che riesce a creare, a metà brano, una specie di vortice circolare che si stacca dai riff gorgheggianti vagamente black metal per poi sfumare in deliri semiacustici (con tanto di un paio di frasi cantati in voce pulita). Il basso, molle e subdolo continua a suonare questo mantra, ondeggiando fra arpeggi ultradistorti e qualche attimo più atmosferico.
Coils of Inane Comatose stupisce addirittura per i tempi sincopati e frenetici della batteria che (per fortuna) non riescono a distogliere l'attenzione dalla discesa nelle tenebre dell'ascoltatore. I grossi piatti di D Woe (in posizione anche dietro le pelli) scandiscono, lenti e profondi, la metrica anche quando le chitarre acquistano una materia più tangibile, corposa e frenetica.
Stalactites inaugura l'ultima doppietta di brani che ci mostrano la maggiore qualità compositiva degli Woebegone Obscured.
Gli arpeggi acustici e malinconici, in primo piano rispetto ai sintetizzatori acquatici ed echeggianti, evocano un atmosfera fangosa ma con un lontano e labile spiraglio di luce. La componente metal viene momentaneamente accantonata, le atmosfere vengono prese in prestito dagli ultimi lavori degli Esoteric e il nostro ascolto volge inevitabilmente verso la fine.
Deathscape spolvera ancora una volta quella matrice vicina al black di cui parlavo prima; i riff tremolanti rivelano la propria terribilità perché abbassati ulteriormente di tono, e il continuo cambio di modalità esecutiva (da parte delle sei-corde, ma non solo) trasforma questa ultima traccia in una piccola gemma. Arpeggi semiacustici, fraseggi riecheggianti e ribaltati dal delay, danno vita ad una parte centrale che oscilla fra il sogno e l'incubo: un continuo cambio di umore e di tensioni che rispecchiano la mente delirante del creatore dell'album (D Woe, infatti, ha subito cure psichiatriche). Anche le parti più accelerate trovano il modo di assopirsi sulla coda del brano grazie ai campionamenti sovrapposti di alcuni canti gregoriani che non fanno altro che arricchire questa spirale discendente senza però sfociare nel "religious". L'arpeggio sulla pioggia, nell'imminente calo del sipario, è l'ennesimo esempio di come un cliché, dato in buone mani, possa dare buoni frutti.
Meraviglioso, anzi terribile... un mastodontico lavoro di tutto rispetto che abbandona l'ascoltatore nell'oscurità della mente umana.
Terribilis est locus iste.

[72 out of 100]


Review by Sargon

This band has a silly name, but their music is actually pretty decent. This is moody, depressive Funeral Doom with a dash of Black Metal thrown in. In places this is so harsh and misanthropic I am reminded of Wormphlegm, but this is not nearly as dark as that, with a lot of mellow, gloomy atmosphere and a certain shapelessness to the songwriting. This is far from compelling, but it is listenable, and creates a genuine mood. Worth a listen.
[3,5 out of 5]


[February 2011]

Review by Paolo Sola

Il debutto del trio danese, edito originariamente nel 2007, viene ora ristampato dalla volenterosa etichetta italiana, costola dell'attivissima ATMF. Deathstination consta di 5 tracce di lunga durata, dove disperazione, disillusione e un profondo senso di alienazione vengono tradotte in musica grazie ad un sound pesantissimo e claustrofobico. I Woebegone Obscured ripercorrono le trame degli Evoken, dei mai abbastanza rimpianti Thergothon e degli Esoteric: insomma, un funeral doom/death metal mortifero, catacombale e nero coma la pece. Il suono, poco prodotto e privo di artifici, mantiene un approccio naturale che garantisce all'album maggiore fisicità. Numerose poi, le atmosfere liquide e rarefatte, quasi alle soglie dell'ambient, rintracciabili soprattutto nella breve strumentale Stalactites e, più in generale, in tutti i brani del CD, con una menzione particolare per Maestitia e Coils Of Inane Comatose. I Woebegone Obscured rappresentano una piacevole sorpresa, forse destinata a pochi per la sua natura profondamente elitaria, ma assolutamente apprezzabile e meritevole d'attenzione.
[7 out of 10]


Review by Gelal

Die Dänen Woebegone Obscured dürften wohl nur wenigen bekannt sein. Nur ausgewiesene Doom Spezialisten oder Leute die zufällig über diese Truppe gestolpert sind dürften bei dem Namen aufhorchen. Allerdings werden diese Kenner der Band auch gleich wieder relativ enttäuscht gesagt haben „Ach man, ich dachte es gibt ein neues Werk!?“ Denn mit „Deathstination“ gibt es Anno 2011 nur ein Re-Release des 2007er Debüts. Das einzige was die beiden Scheiben unterscheidet ist das Erscheinen der 2011er Version über ein Label. Gut solche Re-Releases machen ja eigentlich keinen Sinn, wenn nicht mal Bonusmaterial dabei ist. Hier geht es aber wohl auch mehr darum das man durch das Label mehr Promotion bekommt und mehr Leute erreicht. Denn wenn man sich die 5 Stücke(3 mit mehr als 10 und 1 mit mehr als 8 min Länge) anhört dann wird man schnell feststellen dass es die Truppe verdient hat bekannter zu werden. Hier gibt es Funeral Doom großen Formats, angereichert mit Black/Death Elementen und einer gehörigen Portion Finsternis.
Tief gestimmten Gitarren, welche genauso schleppend und schwer daher kommen wie die dunklen ganz tiefen Growls bestimmen das ganze Album. Hin und wieder geht das Tempo auch mal etwas mehr in Richtung Mitte, kommt aber noch bevor es „ausartet“ wieder ins Stocken und sorgt somit auch für die entsprechende Abwechslung in den Stücken. Das ebenfalls Songbestimmende Schlagzeug gibt den Gitarren die nötige Doom-typische Unterstützung, auch wenn ab und zu das Becken etwas weniger „hell“ klingen könnte(was allerdings Geschmackssache ist). Ein „Licht am Ende des Dunkel“ gibt es dann in den Momenten wenn die Gitarren aus den tiefen Lagen in die höheren Gefilden wechseln und teilweise mit klarem Gesang, welcher fast an frühe Candlemass erinnert(ohne jetzt einen Vergleich ziehen zu wollen) gearbeitet wird. Dieser Klargesang steht den Dänen ganz gut und könnte etwas mehr eingesetzt werden.
Fazit: Mit Deathstination haben Woebegone Obscured ein Album am Start welches Doom Liebhaber begeistern dürfte und auch wenn es sich um ein Re-Release handelt so macht die veröffentlich über ein Label doch Sinn, sonst würde diese Perle wohl weiter nur Insidern vorbehalten sein. Sicher erfinden die Dänen den Funeral Doom nicht neu und spielen auch nicht wirklich Sachen die es nicht schon gibt, aber um eine Kopie anderer Doom-Größen handelt es sich hier mitnichten.
Manchmal etwa sperrig weiß das Album doch mit jedem Durchlauf besser zu zünden und macht mich drauf gespannt, was wir auf ihrem nächsten Werk erwarten dürfen. Die Produktion ist ziemlich passend zur Musik gelungen, auch wenn ich sie mir eine Spur besser gewünscht hätte. Nichts desto trotz sind hier 7/10 Punkte fällig. Eine Reise in die Dunkelheit des Seins!


Review by Mirror

“Deathstination” è un lavoro che, nell’underground, girà già da un po’ di annetti. La I, Voidhanger Records ha così deciso di renderlo disponibile al grande pubblico, per mezzo di una lussuosa ristampa in slipcase con un booklet di dodici pagine.
I danesi Woebegone Obscured sono un gruppo di nicchia, lo si capisce sin dalle prime note di questo lavoro, molto lento ed oscuro. Il loro stile è chiaramente ispirato al funeral doom alla Thergothon, con una produzione e dei suoni “polverosi”, grezzi al punto giusto. Si tratta di un funeral doom essenziale, privo di orpelli, senza tastiere aggiuntive, quindi, in un certo senso, vecchia scuola: c’è solo l’eco della voce, chitarre zanzarose, una batteria ovattata.
Se non si è propriamente dei fanatici del genere, è difficile digerire questa musica, ma bisogna dire che in “Deathstination” ci sono delle atmosfere davvero lugubri, pregne di orrore e morte. La loro musica, pare essere una colonna sonora, di un vecchio film horror muto, di una pellicola ingiallita dal tempo, dove è più importante la comunicabilità e le parole si perdono nell’oblio. Manca forse l’elemento “originalità”, dato che non inventano nulla di nuovo, ma “Deathstination” è un disco che indubbiamente riesce a distinguersi e sicuramente incontrerà i favori dei fan del genere e anche di chi ascolta un certo tipo di black metal (vedi Xasthur), proprio perché si tratta di una musica davvero grezza, che ha una certa attitudine “nera”.
[3,5 out of 5]


Review by Thiess

Un peso ci opprime, portandoci sempre più in basso in un gorgo fatto di solitudine e malinconia, oscurità che ci stringe il cuore, lacrima che ci riga il volto. Natura spoglia scompare dietro ad una pioggia fitta, fuoco tutto consuma, cenere che pian piano si alza, portata lontano da una folata di vento. Mestizia lascia poi posto a consapevolezza, ad una ragion d’essere che di tutto ha il sapore, fuorché di speranza. Atrabile che scorre freddo, fino a penetrare dentro la nostra anima e facendo spegnere ogni sensazione positiva, fiochi sentori di una vitalità che ormai è fossile in fredda pietra. Tutto ciò, viene rilasciato con maestria dai Woebegone Obscured, Danesi formatisi nel 2006 e con solo questo full-lenght alle spalle, pubblicato inizialmente nel 2007 e ristampato quest'anno da I, Voidhanger Records. Al di là di codesti aspetti, che poco ci interessano, parliamo ora della musica proposta dal project. Il verbo è quello del Funeral Doom, con alcuni richiami al Death e all’Ambient. Tutto estremamente monolitico ed allo stesso tempo etereo, connubio di ambientazioni che ci esaltano, per qualità tecniche e capacità espressive. Potremmo nominare decine di bands, ma non basterebbe a dare un’immagine di insieme ad un’icona in continua mutazione. Personalità da vendere, caratteristica tanto rara quanto impressionante, per incisività e spiritualità. Vero e proprio rito a cui prendiamo parte e che vede una mescolanza di Katatonia vecchio stampo, con echi strumentali avanguardistici, per voglia di sperimentare. Esperienza spirituale e corporea, “Deathstination” diventa olocausto di inquietudini, espressioni di una eloquenza fatta di ipocondria.
[9 out of 10]


Review by Luca Filisetti

Interessante il connubio musicale che caratterizza “Deathstination”, album d’esordio del duo danese Woebegone Obscured. Diciamo subito che il lavoro che abbiamo tra le mani è una ristampa rilasciata dalla I, Voidhanger Records, dato che originariamente l’album aveva visto la luce nell’indifferenza generale nel 2007. Inoltre oggi la band ha aggiunto un elemento al proprio roster, divenendo un terzetto a tutti gli effetti. Tornando alla musica, quella proposta dai ragazzi è un riuscito ibrido tra il funeral doom più lento e ferale ed il black metal, principalmente nella sua accezione più depressiva e cupa. Semplificando all’eccesso, potremmo dire che i danesi hanno imparato a memoria la lezione di Thergothon e Disembowelment, l’hanno ulteriormente appesantita e poi vi hanno sovrapposto delle variabili melodiche ascrivibili a band quali Shining e primi Bethlehem. Il risultato finale è decisamente incoraggiante, come dimostrato dai cinque brani presenti su “Deathstination”. Sono soprattutto le prime tre canzoni a spingere in questa direzione: “A Gust Of Demention”, “Maestitia” e “Coils Of Inane Comatose” rappresentano dei veri e propri manifesti programmatici dove il blackened funeral doom della band prende forma e sostanza. Le melodie migliori, quelle più azzeccate, sono contenute in “Coils Of Inane Comatose”, ma è con “Maestitia” che i ragazzi provano ad osare maggiormente, grazie anche all’utilizzo delle clean vocals (da rivedere) che aumentano la componente darkeggiante presente all’interno del brano. La conclusiva “Deathscape” invece utilizza strutture più classicamente black, con un riffing raggelante che guida la canzone che poi si scioglie in un ambient black piuttosto putrescente esaltato da dei canti gregoriani che conducono al finale del brano. I Woebegone Obscured insistono molto anche su partiture veloci, lontane anni luce dal funeral doom ma che comunque riescono a conservare quell’aura deprimente ed annichilente che ammanta tutto il lavoro. La produzione è sporca ed essenziale, mentre l’artwork è decisamente intrigante. Se cercate sensazioni nuove, atmosfere opprimenti e melodie decadenti, tenete d’occhio questo terzetto danese, dato che dimostra di avere le idee chiare ed il necessario coraggio per tradurle in musica.
[7 out of 10]



Interview by James Harvey

First off, nice one with “Deathstination,” it’s a brilliant album and is certainly one of the best Doom records in recent years. Can you tell me something about the writing/production of the album?
That is nice to hear. Thank you very much. Well, the inspiration to make something really obscure and dark has always been there for me( D Woe), and when I met K Woe, it was obvious we shared the same musical goals. As for the lyrical concept of the band, it all just poured out of me naturally when I was commended to a mental institution loathing in depression, and got the diagnosis paranoid schizophrenia. Nothing is as bad, as it is not good for something, right? At least i learned a lot about myself, and that gave birth to Woebegone Obscured as a mental breathinghole of all my inner thoughts, negativity and speculations.

Your style is an interesting approach to the genre, blending together crushing Doom riffs with speedier Black Metal sections, “Maestitia” being a perfect example. What led you to write in this style?
We just basically did (and still do) the stuff we wanted to hear on a record. We like doom, death, black, pop, rock, classical, blues, experimental stuff, whatever has something to offer, so we decided to go with no boundaries. Whatever floats yout boat, right? Of course some things just dont quite fit an "evil" metal-record, so we held back on the techno dancehall reggae haha. Just kidding. We are mostly interested in creating atmospheres that are dark and leaves a mental picture in your head, and makes you think.

The album was very well received, with high praise from many critics. Is another in the works?
Yes, the second opus is written, and we are almost done recording drums, guitars and fretless bass. We like things to be done properly, so have patience. 

It’d be great to see you guys live, what are the chances? Are there any shows planned? 
We would love to play live sometime in the future, but right now it is not possible.

There are some wonderful ambient soundscapes on “Deathstination”, particularly on “Stalactites”. How much of an impact did ambient music have on the writing process?
Thank you. Well, not that much really. It is more about establishing a certain mood, which sometimes can be achieved by making some cool ambient sounds with guitars and voice. There is actually quite a few sounds on the record which sounds like samples or keyboard, but actually is my voice or the guitar with an effect, and that makes for some really great soundlayers. We might also add some keys on the new record, as i have a few ideas.

Any artists, ambient or not, that influence or inspire you?
Well, Dead Can Dance is a great act, and we will record a tribute to them, but I would not really call it an influence directly. I find some movie-soundtracks interesting if the composer really puts an effort into creating some original sounds, like Howard Shore and Jerry Goldsmith. Other than that, most ambientbands seems rather tedious to me.

How did you end up signing with ‘I, Voidhanger’?
They contacted us, and seemed the most dedicated and serious of all the offers we got.

What does WOEBEGONE OBSCURED mean? And how did you decide to use it as your name?
Woebegone means suffering/ troubled, and Obscured means something that is a blur or hard to see. Together the words describes the condition I was in, when at the mental asylum, as depressed people tends to experience things in a blurry greyscale. Or at least I did. I liked the inner pictures I got from the two words put together, and thought it was an original name that meant something to me and fitted the music well.

Finally, your average track lengths are very long, similar to other Funeral Doom bands like AHAB, CATACOMBS and COLOSSEUM. What advantages do you feel this provides?
It just helps to build that feeling of a story being told. I always liked long songs with that little extra something. A lot of doombands tends to have really long, rather boring( in my opinion) songs. With a few exceptions of course. We try to make it a bit more interesting and dynamic. This way we demand a little more of the listener, and force you to think, instead of just hearing backgroundnoise.

Thanks very much for answering my questions, any last words?
Thank you very much for your interest. To all the people out there: Remember to support recordlabels and stop downloading for free.


Interview by Maria D.S.

Funeral doom metal from Denmark... A project coming out from the darkness of the occult realm. Let's try to enter the metaphysical being of a beast which can breathe death.

Greetings from the dimensions of our trivial existence! Three years passed from your self-released album to the official release of your debut. Since the middle of 2010 we are waiting for your sophomore album. Does time fly slowly in funeral doom metal?
You have noooo idea hehe. I will have to say yes to that one. Our hearts beat equally very slow, but also very hard for our music.

In the history of the band we can read about the depression of D. Woe. However I do not believe that something so creative could be a result only from depression. How do you create your songs?
No, but it was the seed for the creation of Woebegone Obscured. With time, patience and our musical skills (or maybe lack of haha), we made a record that we felt was something that we wanted to buy ourselves. We are not really interested in making 2-4 mediocre tracks at every rehearsal and just record it. A track is not done before we are completely satisfied and it feels right.

Some of the inspirations announced could be found in your music. But some are rather surprising for me. At what level DEAD CAN DANCE and DEEP PURPLE are your inspirations? Would you share how the bands you like influence on your music?
The great achievements of atmospheres and feelings in DEAD CAN DANCE can’t be denied. Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard are just two extremely musically gifted singers and musicians that have the rare ability to touch your heart if you listen carefully. DEEP PURPLE was the first band that I really liked and made me dedicate my soul to music when I was a kid, so obviously they have had an inspirational impact. The first time I heard Fireball from my dad’s old vinyl collection back then, I knew that this was it for me. Today I’m just a fan of music in general, no matter the genre. If it makes me feel something I can relate to, I don’t care if it’s classic Broadway or Brazilian black metal. But we are not trying to sound like or copy any artists, if that’s what you mean. It is fun nonetheless to read the reviews that state that we are obviously inspired by "some band", as it often seems to be "some band" I’ve never heard of before. Who ever heard of a band called Candlemass haha.

How do you see your place at the metal scene? Have you got a vision and a concept for the funeral doom metal? Are you a part of this scene?
I guess we belong in the metal scene, as we draw a lot of darkness from metal, but we try to push the limits beyond just metal or funeral doom. We have a vision and concept for Woebegone Obscured. The basics are funeral doom, I guess, but that is just something that just happened, as we find it easier to make things more sincerely hateful when playing in a sluggish tempo. That way it also comes forward in a more intense wake up call, when the tempo increases. That adds to a more dynamic listening experience, which makes it slightly more interesting, I think. The droning funeral doom metal is cool for what it is, in a hypnotic way, but it just doesn't express the dynamics we are trying to reach. We want the music to feel more like an adventure through variating soundscapes, that you want to go back to. Therefore we incorporate things from a lot of different genres, death, black, progressive, jazz, whatever. Sometimes less is more though, and we are fully very aware of that.

“I, Voidhanger” indeed has set an effective cover artwork of “Deathstination”, too effective I could say. The cover of your self-release is more direct and darker. Which one do you prefer? What will be the cover artwork of your second album?
Well, I like both. Our own first edition was very dark with a front-picture of a forestpainting that I got from an old acquaintance, who got the painting from a friend who had passed away, and it just spoke to me. It looked really eerie in a way that fitted the music, so we decided to use it. As for the re-released version, I, VOIDHANGER, thought that we should try out a slightly different approach, and the result was really good. This time a beautiful painting by Thomas Cole was used for the front-cover, and I think it fits the title and lyrical concept just perfect. I heard some people say that its a crappy Lord of the Rings rip-off, but that is just ridiculous, since it was painted in 1828. Some of his other works has been used on some classic Candlemass records.
The new artwork will be a painting reflecting the lyrics, hopefully made by a guy K Woe knows, called Simon Fellah, who is a very experienced and talented painter that has worked with Alan Lee (LotR) and other prominent art developers. He has some incredible designs and original ideas and has been doing this professionally for many years, which shows. Check him out.

Do you play live? How would you present your messages on scene?
No. Maybe in the future. But none of us have the time to put a project of this proportion on the stage right now, unfortunately.

Is there any new material for the new album? Is there anything new for WOEBEGONE OBSCURED in it?
Yes, but I’m guessing you mean the second album, so I will focus on that. We have recorded all drums, rhythm and lead guitars for 80 minutes of music ca, so there's some solo's, vocals and fretless bass left. Then there's the sound production, which will be made in cooperation with our friend Q (aka Aries from Horned Almighty/Black Dementia), with who we also recorded drums and rhythm guitars. He knows us, has the right amount of equipment-know-how and is a great guy to work with. He knows what he is doing, and understand that we aren’t looking for that factory produced trigger-sound that many bands tends have. Instead we will try to make it as personal as possible, without compromising the powerful sound.
The music is a natural continuance of "Deathstination", and one of the "new" tracks is actually from that writing session, it just didn't get recorded for some reason. A killer track nonetheless, we think, so we wanted to put it on this one. The new album will be even more dynamic than "Deathstination", but still with our "trademark"-leads'n'sounds. I want to experiment more with my voice, so that will probably engender some personal opinions from the reviewers hehe. I just want it to be a bit more diverse this time, and give it a more extreme expression that way. We have put an effort to incorporate fretless bass on this album, to give it a heavier and full sound. It just adds a whole new dimension.
The lyrics this time are my thought channeled via metaphors of natures elements such as the sky, earth, the universe, omni- and multi-verses, forests and, and of course the vastness of the ocean obviously, as I’m a hobby diver, and get a lot of inspiration when floating around weightless below the surface of the sea.

If you have to make some cover songs which band you will blacken first?
We have made our own version of arrangements for a cover of a DEAD CAN DANCE track.

Is there any movement (in the frames of the necessary…) in your line up?
We have expanded with M Woe from Sol, who is a permanent member on the guitar now, and has also been a creative force on the upcoming album. The Fretless bass is session-performed on this record by Kim Jensen (Sol). Actually it was through a collaboration K Woe and myself had with Emil (the guy behind Sol), where we helped him out on some of his projects, that we met.




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