Caput LVIIIm is the name of a one-time-only project formed in 2004-2005 by various members of the necro-doom entity Malasangre with the complicity of Mord - guitarist for the black-ambient visionaries Tronus Abyss - and of the singer of the avant-garde extreme metallers Necroart. Since the beginning, the aim was to record only one track, Resurgent Atavism, a monumental suite to be featured on Yogsothery, a secretly assembled tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.

During its 30 frightening minutes, Resurgent Atavism re-defines Electric Wizard's space doom style from an ambient-drone perspective, with more emphasys on the occult-esoteric component of sounds, and with a strong black metal attitude.

The project takes its name from an imputation addressed against the Templars during a violent repression ordered by the King of France together with the Catholic Church. According on different theories, Caput LVIIIm could have been a Baphomet, or a majestic golden figure; a virgin, or a crowned old man; a be-headed creature, an androginous figure, or an aries head...

But no matter how it was depicted, today and forever Caput LVIIIm is above all a symbol that transcends its own meaning.