I. Breed Of A Dying Sun (5:36)
II. Hymns Of Ruin (5:50)

III. A Dream Of Ghosts (5:11)
IV. A Pathway To Rebirth (7:13)
V. The Secret Revealed (9:26)

Total time 33:16

Jewelcase CD with 12-page booklet

Released February 11th, 2012


The expressive dimension of AUS DER TRANSZENDENZ materializes in 2009 thanks to the contributions of various individuals from the underground black metal scene whose identity won't be revealed.

The main target was to grab the black metal roots and its typical musical shape to gradually evolve, transpass and transcend them into a new synthesis of sound and thought.

The Central-European black metal perception has been drawn into an ocean of visions, resonating with the mystic majesty of past aeons and the coldest feelings of immaterial strenght.
The chalice dropping the juice of black metal poison has been emptied, the thrill consumed its last fading streams. What once was incarnated beauty has been transfigured by ambition, strangled by avenging shadows.

AUS DER TRANSZENDENZ play a noble and regressive form of black metal: poisoned by the Modern Age, but always perceiving the eternal immanence of a past dead by the sword, but never to be forgotten.






BREED OF A DYING SUN  (I, Voidhanger Records - 2012)



Review by Ian

Despite this album being out for a little while, I haven't really heard, or seen, too much press done for it. I know it's a pretty underground debut release, but still, I'd thought that it'd be a record that at least some would be doing press for it. I've had it for a little while already, but now I'm ready to finally do my part and, hopefully, spread the message.
This sort of album really makes me think of early atmospheric black metal, but in a good way. Off the top of my head, I can't recall any Austrian black metal groups, but this one definitely brings me back to hearing groups like Lunar Aurora (in their mid-period), Ulver, and Emperor for the first time years ago. There will be those who listen to this album and link it to the whole post-black metal movement even though, to my ears, besides the wall of sound style that's used on here, and the occasional clean vocal part, this doesn't really recall the likes of post-rock or shoegaze all that often, if at all. I think that because the atmosphere on here is so dense and pervasive will have it liked to that style, even though it honestly recalls more of the bands I just mentioned. A Dream of Ghosts was the track that really made me think that others would be able to lump the project into that style because it does have a more moody feel to it and does kind of have a similar sort of ambiance to it that I think could be found in a group like Altar of Plagues or Fen. It's a rather intense record, though I wouldn't say that it ever became monotonous, that relies of tremolo picked riffs and harsh screams and moans, but still manages to make use of melody and dynamics. Not every track on here blasts throughout its entire length, to the extent that I found myself rather impressed with the range of tempos used on here while still making the whole thing feel like an aggressive record. A Pathway to Rebirth is probably the best example of the variety used on here as it moves from blackgaze-ish mid-tempo beginnings into more epic sort of territory in its middle before closing with some intense, if rather straightforward, black metal blasts.
Probably my biggest complaint about this album would have to be the drum programming. It's not bad at all, but there are times when I found it to be rather irksome. There were certain patterns played/programmed that I found to sound too robotic sounding and it didn't match the overall vibe of the record at all. It's a little disappointing because the pattern I'm referencing happens to be in the opening title-track, which isn't a bad song, but based on my distaste for the programmed pattern, it led me to believe that this album would have at least a few other sections that featured a similar kind of mechanical sound. That wasn't the case though. The way these tracks are programmed is actually really good and it fits the music. Aside from that, there really isn't a whole lot more I found to be wrong with the album. I enjoyed the occasional uplifting sounding melody injected into these songs and thought that it provided a nice contrast to the more intense and traditional sounding parts, though I'm sure some will disagree. I just happen to think that this record gets better every time I listen to it.
I think it's a good debut that various factions of the black metal realm should really take note of. Coming into it not really expecting too much, I really thought that this was a nice listen that was nice and quick, and has yet to become boring after several listens. If you like old-school atmospheric black metal or if you happen to enjoy some blackgaze or post-rock influenced black metal that just so happens to feature a bit more of an edge to it, this is the sort of record that you'll probably love.

[8,5 out of 10]


Review by James Price

Blimey these guys are secretive, I had never heard of this band and a quick look around the old interweb didn't really help much, I suppose that mystery and anti persona is much of what gives Black metal it's appeal,which by the way is what these lot play! Oh and apparently they come from Austria.
I must point out that this album did come with a Bio of the band but it wasn't exactly clear and concise: "The Central-European black metal perception has been drawn into an ocean of visions, resonating with the mystic majesty of past aeon's and the coldest feelings of immaterial strength" Yeah, er thanks guys!
Sound wise we are talking Fuzzy, murky atmospheric Black metal, sort of a muddy wall of sound that is more concerned with atmosphere than a clear defined style. Almost like shoe gaze at times with some beautiful melodies popping up now and then. A post-rock aesthetic filtered through a framework of traditional black metal is about as close as I can come to describing the sound and I have to say it works well.
Vocals are performed in a desperate, depressed manner and it fits in beautifully with the murky, gloomy sound, there are some clean vocals in this album but they are used sparingly mostly just used in the background to add some light to this otherwise dark album.
At times I am reminded of Early Alcest, high praise indeed and deserved; there are some superbly emotional moments to be found here on this short album (33 minutes)
The nature of this production adds quite a warmth to this album, unusual in the Black metal genre but it works well here giving off strangely quite a relaxing ambient feel at times, although the band won't let you fall asleep as they can at a moments notice pick up the pace and chuck in a great harsh black metal scream and blast beats. Lyrics are a mystery so I can't really discuss those here, but I would think they are of a depressive nature going by the style of music.
Fans of melodic, atmospheric and melancholic Black metal should check out this release ( If you can find it!) Right away!
[4 out of 5]


[May 2012 issue]
Review by Roberto D'Errico

Sono avvolte nella nebbia e nel mistero le informazioni di base relative a questa realtà: non sappiamo da dove provengano, da chi sia realmente composta e nemmeno se questo sia davvero, come pare, il full-length di debutto dei Nostri. Tutto questo fascino arcano e questa oscurità si riflettono poi alla perfezione all'interno della proposta del gruppo, chiaramente figlia della primigenia scuola black metal norvegese capitanata da Mayhem e Darkthrone. Cinque brani, né esageratamente prolissi ma neppure breve, ci raccontano un sound all'interno del quale si annidano, non troppo celate, atmosfere cupe e silenziose come gelidi soffi dei venti del nord. C'è un sentore d'antichità in canoni come A Pathway To Rebirth e la titletrack, all'interno delle quali ritmiche telluriche, riffing lacerante e suoni volutamente ovattati e un po' lo-fi, si uniscono a momenti più melodici e cadenzati, posti con sapienza e volti a donare ancora più patos al tutto. Sentimenti come rabbia e angoscia si rincorrono dunque per tutta la scaletta, forte anche della preziosa alleanza con caratteristiche musicali che spesso danzano fra quanto appena descritto e il post black metal con una facilità ed una convinzione notevoli. Bravi.
[7 out of 10]


Review by Mourning

Scrivere delle uscite per I, Voidhanger è divenuto un piacere, ogni qualvolta se n'è presentata sinora occasione posso tranquillamente affermare di non esser mai rimasto deluso dalle scelte e dalle band promosse a pieno titolo nel roster di questa label.
Gli Aus Der Transzendenz sono l'ennesimo centro, una line-up composta da elementi dell'underground italico celatisi sotto altri pseudonimi, Gnosis (voce), Gottschall (chitarra), Waidmann (chitarra), Mz (basso) e Das Schwarze Wildschwein (batteria), per velare e rendere ancor più misterioso l'alone che ricopre il progetto.
Musicalmente è una rappresentazione black fatta di schizzi impazziti che come pezzi di un collage di volta in volta elevano una variante di genere "nota" che si combina o ricolloca in modo da fornire sbocco ad un'altra.
Pensate a una mistura di orthodox e post nella quale fluisce una consistente aura epico-pagana che sprigiona una collera, una rabbia di natura ancestrale.
Sembra proprio che l'espressione con una certa solennità della propria idea tramite un pensiero diviso a sua volta fra spunti aulici e pestaggi terreni sia calibrata ed eseguita con una quadratura particolarmente ferrata all'interno di uno stampo che è tutto fuorché incline a mantenere dei confini saldi.
Una contraddizione? Probabilmente sì, però il risultato si pone a favore della grande capacità di raccogliere e far esplodere le sensazioni.
Si potrebbe parlare di "Breed Of A Dying Sun" come di un'unica traccia suddivisa in capitoli, nella quale le tematiche affrontate si concentrano su di una spiritualità decadente, una luce che non riesce a fuoriuscire.
Ve ne renderete conto sia affondando nei testi del quale il booklet è fortunatamente munito, sia ascoltando la voluta presa di posizione in sede di produzione che ha posto la voce quasi in retrovia facendo in modo che come un eco dal profondo passato ogni qualvolta si presenti nella sua accanita e livorosa espressione apporti una teatralità gelida combaciante con quella espressa dalle note.
Un fuoco fatuo che brucia nell'eternità, eppure il suo colore è smorto, privo di vita, accostabile alla morte e a una spirale di rovina, ecco, gli Aus Der Transzendenz brillano nella notte in quella maniera, attirando l'attenzione ma evitando di scaldare.
La strumentazione e le linee vocali sono l'una l'estensione dell'altra e come quella fiamma alternano attimi di follia sprizzando in velocità e di stasi nei quali sono le atmosfere placidamente marmoree a regolarne l'umore, riescono a esporsi in quanto dotati di una personalità propria e questo gioca nettamente a loro favore.
Certo qualcuno potrà lamentarsi del fatto che il lavoro dietro il mixer avrebbe potuto seguire altro corso, andate oltre al primorde approccio e alle riflessioni spesso forzate dal momento, lasciatevi cadere senza remore, sarete una piuma o un mattone? Il vostro istinto seguirà il percorso segnato da "Breed Of A Dying Sun" assumendolo nella maniera a lui più consona, l'importante è che proviate a incamminarvi in direzione di un vuoto che sembra non avere fine, lì dove il sole si spegne.


Review by Luca Filisetti

Ammettiamolo: tra modernismi assortiti, contaminazioni di ogni tipo e assurdità messe in musica, spesso si sente il bisogno di fare un passo indietro ed aggrapparsi ad una musica che offra certezze e sicurezze. Se anche voi avvertite questa necessità e siete amanti del black metal più puro ed incontaminato (quello della Norvegia di una ventina di anni fa insomma), vi consigliamo assolutamente l’ascolto di questi Aus Der Transzendenz, band della quale non si sa praticamente nulla, salvo la provenienza, che dovrebbe (condizionale d’obbligo) essere l’Austria. Ai Nostri, però, per farsi capire basta la musica: un black metal glaciale e ferale fatto di chitarre zanzarose, batteria implacabile e voce distante e sgraziata; in due parole old school. Fantasmi di Mayhem, Darkthrone, Burzum e Gehenna si aggirano all’interno di “Breed Of A Dying Sun”, scontrandosi con accenni di partiture più moderne ed affini alla scena post. Nessun tentativo di compiacimento però: gli Aus Der Transzendenz utilizzano queste suggestioni soltanto per rendere il loro sound leggermente più articolato e stratificato. Il risultato finale è comunque figlio delle foreste norvegesi. Sin dall’iniziale “A Dream Of Ghosts” si capisce che a farla da padrone saranno le ritmiche telluriche, unite a quelle chitarre stranianti che hanno fatto la fortuna dei Mayhem. Alla band riesce bene la riproposizione di atmosfere cupe e spaventose, anche grazie all’utilizzo di numerosi rallentamenti che amplificano oltremodo la velenosità dell’insieme. A questo proposito non possiamo esimerci dal segnalare le parti atmosferiche posta al centro di “A Pathway To Rebirth” e “Hymns Of Ruin”, che ci permettono di perderci all’interno di un sound tanto duro quanto primordiale. Senza dubbio una produzione meno lo fi avrebbe fatto apparire più comprensibili le finezze strumentali poste nei passaggi più ragionati, ma probabilmente avrebbe anche tolto quel fascino arcano del quale è dotato il platter. Funziona quindi molto bene, questa immersione del “post black” all’interno di un calderone old school, in quanto le due anime si compenetrano a vicenda, traendo forza l’una dall’altra. Complimenti quindi agli Aus Der Transzendenz e complimenti alla sempre esigente I, Voidhanger – partner della ATMF – che ancora una volta è riuscita a scovare un prodotto meritevole all’interno di un mare di uscite fatte con lo stampino.
[7 out of 10]


Review by Stefan

Like a dense wall of fog moving towards your house, Aus Der Transzendenz “Breed of a Dying Sun” release will sweep you away and transport you to the era of well crafted ‘low-fi’ sounding Black Metal. This Austrian band actually does a great job in using the age old ‘let’s make it sound very kvlt’ recipe’ and producing 33 minutes of devastating dissonant Black Metal with a few excellent atmospheric passages.
Opening with the sheer brutality of “A Dream of Ghosts”, the riffing and drumming is quite intense and massive. Backed by a very raw production with enough clarity to let everything trough, this song nicely sets the tone for the release. In “A Pathway to Rebirth” the band keeps up the intensity and adds some extra atmospheric passages that are downright chilling. The bass guitar line in these passages is quite enjoyable and the Doom-ish feeling to them is awesome.
The BM shrieks hit their high-point in the track “Breed of a Dying Sun”, reminding us in some instances of Rainer Landfermann in Bethlehem’s “Dictius Te Necare” album. With a more melodic edge, “Hymns of Ruin” starts but quickly merges into the dissonant atmosphere of the album. There are some unexpected slowdowns that add to the overall experience of the song. By the last track “The Secret Revealed” the band’s sound has become a bit predictable and linear, while maintaining their brutality, they seem to have run out of ideas and just complete this song to be able to clock 30+ minutes in this release.
Aus Der Transzendenz is a truly brutal and intense band, but their sound seems to drag after a few tracks. The lack of creativity is greatly present as the album progresses, but if you don’t mind this then this album is excellent. We feel that with some more elements this band could be considerably better and would set the apart from the rest. “Breed of a Dying Sun” is not a bad release, but it does get a bit repetitive at points, so buy it if you are not too picking about originality and diversity.

[84 out of 100]


Review by Devilmetal747

Yet another entity turns up among the more avant-garde, mystical side of Black Metal. Aus Der Transzendenz hails from Austria and debuts with a brief, but rather enigmatic piece of dissonant music that echoes of bands like Xasthur or Dodecahedron while still retaining a violent Black Metal base sound. Not as experimental as its compatriots, the music still keeps that same aura of twisted ambiance that makes it terrifying and attractive at the same time. Opening with "A Dream Of Ghosts" listeners are greeted by dissonant, churning guitars with the vocals a bit faded out into the background like a howling ghost (this can make it somewhat hard to hear throughout the album which can be an issue) and the drums which sound pretty crystal clear compared to everything else when they're banging away. One thing that Der Transzendenz tends to struggle with is making softer moments for the ambiance to show when for the most part the track, and many others to follow, just rages on and on non stop without any moments for a breathing room or any spooky sections of guitar or vocals to really embellish the darker side of the music. Usually they will just take off on the traditional Black Metal vein but with such a distorted sound it just doesn't exactly suit the tone overall.
On other tracks like "A Pathway To Rebirth" the band does a much better job at embracing ambiance. There are sole guitar, buzzing passages and whispers which help bring out the mystical side and even some clean vocals thrown in for harmonic effect- still faded and distorted- but it helps bring up the music to its avant-garde expectations. "The Secret Revealed" does its best at showing a whole new side of Transzendenz because it goes from being flatly chaotic to almost upbeat with the way the riffs are constructed, and when adding in the clean vocals there is a whole new aspect of 'Post Metal' within the Black metal side. However, even with these little atmospheric bits, overall the music still feels like pretty basic distorted Black Metal. There is a predictable pattern going back and forth between tracks as they switch from heavy to slightly less heavy, and even in between the music tends to just fade out and pick up into the next track; sometimes it works such as between "Hymns Of Ruin" and "Secret Revealed," but other times like on "A Pathway To Rebirth" it cuts off abruptly and less smoothly. Still, for those who like the more dissonant side of Black Metal 'Breed Of A Dying Sun' will pique interest, though the title of the album and the lyrics are a lot more mystical than the music conveys most of the time.
[3 out of 5]


Review by Stefan

If i go through my old cassette collection i can find literally hundreds of black metal bands with a sound like this. Back then it were demos, now everything needs to be pressed onto a silver disc. Good or bad, i leave that opinion to the buyers. Nevertheless i had a blast listening to Aus Der Transzendenz album “Breed Of A Dying Sun”. Old school as fuck, vintage as vintage can be.
Aus Der Transzendenz still keeps the flame of the early black metal days going and they keep it going strong. It sounds like it’s recorded into someones basement and with a vocalist who seemed to be standing outside the basement when the vocals were recorded. It gives the vocals a nice hollow effect instead of the icy screaming which were used back in the days. The identity of the members isn’t revealed but Central Europa is mentioned and i noticed around the web Austria a few times. Austria or not, i just don’t give a damn as these black metallers provide the world with their perception on how black metal should be played.
And wether that black metal is good or bad, i’m also leave that opinion to the buyers. If Dimmu and Cradle are the ones you like you’re up to the scariest shit of your live when listening to “Breed Of A Dying Sun”. If you’re into old school then this is definitely worth a try. Nothing fancy, just some good old school here. And I love their shirts.

[7 out of 10]


Review by Thiess

Veramente poche e farraginose le notizie avute e trovate su questo Project, la cui origine dovrebbe essere l’Italia e i cui membri fanno parte del folto underground. Cinque brani dalla durata corposa ci raccontano di un Black Metal che attinge dalle atmosfere e dai crescendo tipicamente Norvegesi, soffiando come vento gelido, e tingendosi poi della consapevolezza del più vissuto guerriero. Non sappiamo di preciso di cosa parlino i testi, è però molto il trasporto in ogni singolo pezzo, voci sussurrate che in lontananza ci raccontano tutto il loro dolore. E’ chiaro che questo aspetto, così ovattato ed in qualche modo epico, sia voluto e non figlio di una cattiva produzione. C’è un sentore così di Pagan Metal, strutture che nel loro lacerante livore si rinnovano innalzandosi e portandoci ad un livello decisamente più aulico via via dello scorrere del brano. “Breed Of A Dying Sun” è il tramonto di un sole freddo, una luce che tutto ricopre ma che nel proprio pallore, ci angoscia. Ci piacerebbe che venisse dato più risalto agli strumenti, così che potessero essere meglio distinti, senza snaturare l’ambientazione ancestrale tipica e volutamente rilasciata dalla band.
[7.5 out of 10]


Review by Kim Jensen

Enter Austrian black metallers Aus der Transzendenz, who bring along with them Breed of a Dying Sun - yet another interesting release via I, Voidhanger Records.
Stylistically, we are dealing with semi-atmospheric black metal, which displays all the typical features of modern black metal, such as tremolo picking, blastbeats, repetition and harsh vocals as well as loads of intensity. In that respect, Aus der Transzendenz leaves nothing desired fore by the black metal fan.
The production is extremely fuzzy and, unlike much black metal, has an almost warm feel to it, which, however, is evened out by the heavy use of reverb (the vocals, for instance, sound like they were recorded in the Echo Valley). The performance itself is also very organic, at times bordering on what some would consider sloppy. But this is of course not necessarily a negative thing in the universe of black metal. Also, while a lot of the drumming is fairly standard black metal blastbeating, there are actually a couple of interesting details and neat things going on.
And this use of reverb is one of the factors in the generation of the overall atmospheric feel of the album, which also has a certain melancholy and at times even melodic (almost avant-garde) sensibility to it as well in the form of, for instance, soft and ambient passages and dissonant harmonies. In 'A Pathway to Rebirth' some of the vocals are delivered in a canting clean voice, which suits the overall atmosphere quite well.
This atmosphere-rich fuzzy black metal release observes all the conventions of black metal and, yet, it is original enough that it itself contributes with something new to the genre, and fans of this type of black metal should definitely check out this release.

[3 out of 5]


Review by Aceust

Aus der Transzendenz ist eine noch junge Gruppe, die 2009 gegründet wurde und in Wien beheimatet ist. Mehr ist nicht bekannt, zumal die einzelnen Bandmitglieder unerkannt bleiben möchten. Wie dem auch sei, jedenfalls handelt es sich bei Breed Of A Dying Sun augenscheinlich um die Debütveröffentlichung. 33 Minuten lang bekommt man atmosphärisch kalten Black Metal vorgespielt, der klanglich ein wenig roh und mit Hall unterlegt ist. Die Lieder sind zwischen fünf und neun Minuten lang und Aus der Transzendenz halten sich nicht lange mit Ein- oder Überleitungen auf.
A Dream Of Ghosts beginnt umgehend peitschend schnell. Das Schlagwerk gleicht einem Inferno, zu dem stark verzerrte und grelle Gitarren sowie ein beißender Kreischgesang zu hören sind. Obwohl das Lied temporeich in die Vollen geht, ist das Stück ein atmosphärisches, was an den verzerrten Gitarrenmelodien liegt, die mich in ihrem Klang manchmal an Blut Aus Nord erinnern. Die fünf Lieder gleichen sich, man hat eher den Eindruck, ein einziges, langes Lied zu hören. Sicherlich gibt es Veränderungen, aber die kalte Atmosphäre, der stark verzerrte Kreischgesang, welcher stets so klingt, als käme er aus der Ferne durch dichtem Nebel zu einem, sind in allen Liedern ähnlich. Zudem ist das Tempo meistens hoch und im Mittelteil gibt es stets eine langsame, atmosphärische Passage zu hören. Auf der einen Seite ist Breed Of A Dying Sun eine übersichtliche Scheibe, gerade rhythmisch ist das hohe Tempo oft monoton, was aber mit guten Gitarrenmelodien kombiniert wurde, weshalb ob aller Raserei, Aus der Transzendenz es schaffen, ein atmosphärisch sehr dichtes Werk abzuliefern. Lediglich das letzte Lied, The Secret Revealed, fällt ein wenig aus der Reihe. Da gibt es Phasenweise auch länger andauernde Langsamkeit und sehr leisen, fast schon versteckten, Klargesang zu hören. The Secret Revealed ist ein sehr gutes Lied, in dem gnadenlose Schnelligkeit, bissiger Kreischgesang und verträumte Langsamkeit hervorragend miteinander kombiniert wurden.
Breed Of A Dying Sun ist eine sehr interessante Scheibe, die mir vor allem der Gitarren wegen sehr gut gefällt. Auch wenn man das alles schon mal gehört hat und man sich an die eine und andere Band erinnert fühlt, wissen die großartigen, grellen Melodien aber dennoch zu überzeugen. Die langgezogenen, grellen Gitarrenmelodien harmonieren für mich sehr gut mit der Schnelligkeit, weshalb ich das Album auch als überaus düster und eindringlich empfinde. Mag sein, dass es einige Leute langweilig oder zu monoton empfinden, doch dann sollte man sich mal auf die vielen, guten und subtilen Melodien konzentrieren. Ich hoffe jedenfalls, dass es Aus der Transzendenz nicht bei diesem einen Album belassen werden.

[8 out of 10]


Review by Beppe Caldarone

Esordio discografico per questa misteriosa entità black metal a nome Aus Der Transzendenz della quale è pressochè impossibile trovare informazioni in giro.
La proposta del gruppo affonda le sue radici nel black metal dei prime movers norvegesi reinterpretato, però, secondo un'ottica moderna grazie alla quale "Breed of a Dying Sun" gode di una atmosfera malsana davvero riuscita.
I cinque brani che compongono il disco alternano velocità assassine ed estranianti a rallentamenti più ragionati in cui viene fuori un approccio alla materia che potremmo definire "mistico" ed alieno da un lato ed epico dall'altro.
Il gruppo è molto abile nel conferire alla sua musica un taglio distaccato dalla realtà, un taglio in cui la glacialità del suono si erge a protagonista insieme con le vocals che sembrano provenire da lontano e si integrano con gli strumenti diventandone esse stesse delle naturali estensioni.
Siamo di fronte ad una concezione del black metal che deve molto all'insegnamento di quello che comunemente viene definito post black metal, ma gli Aus Der Transzendenz possono contare su una spiccata personalità che rende la loro proposta particolarmente interessante.
Inutile citare un brano in particolare: "Breed of a Dying Sun" va considerato come una unica lunghissima traccia all'interno della quale si sprofonda lentamente senza riuscire più a liberarsene.
Ottimo inizio.
[7,5 out of 10]


Review by Dave Steed

An unidentified group of central European underground black metal artists got together to form Aus Der Transzendenz. With Breed Of The Dying Sun they both take black metal a step forward and backwards at the same time. The overall sound is typical of the old school - raw production and hollow vocals. But they weave in a lot of differet chord changes and melodies within their sound, incorporating what feels like a more modern slant of the black metal of yesterday. It ends up being five tracks of dark and dirty black metal that both reminds you the vintage years and excites you for what is still to come.




Interview by Gast

Die in Wien beheimatete Formation AUS DER TRANSZENDENZ lässt sich nicht so leicht kategorisieren. Zwar beantwortet Gitarrist Gotschall gerne alle Fragen, doch durch seine sehr poetischen Asführung bleibt immer noch sehr viel Platz für eigene Interpretationen. Aber lest selbst:

Könntest du uns zuerst etwas über das Konzept, die Biographie, den Namen und die Idee hinter ADT erzählen?

Gotschall: Das Konzept von ADT ist nichts mehr als unser Abschweifen in der Wahrnehmung von Sinn und Meinung über den dunkeln Pfad den wir vor einigen Jahren unabhängig eingeschlagen haben, neuerdings als eine Band. Das erste Album konzentriert sich hauptsächlich auf das Innehaben der Wahrheit trotz der ändernden Umstände der Äonen. Offensichtlich dem Boden dieser dunklen Abstammung nahe zu sein – starten wir die Wahrnehmung des Bewusstseins über die Meinung dieser dunklen Reise. Wir waren ausgewählt aber haben nicht arrogant versucht die stille Wahrheit zu enthüllen, zum Unterschied bekommen wir Wissen vom Weg welchen uns das Schicksal individuell zu Füßen legt.

Für mich klingt ADT ein bisschen wie Darkspace und so weiter, wurdet ihr von Bands dieser Art inspiriert?
Die Einheit ist das ganze Bild, ein verfaultes ästhetisches anbringen ist das Echo der vergessenen Schönheit, versucht in Schwingungen aus dem Abgrund, wo das schwache Licht stets eine Spur von Hoffnung offen lässt, ohne Furcht geschluckt zu werden. Manche der psychadelischen Töne oder Schattierungen wurden Part dieses Werkes.

Du bist auch Bandmitglied vieler anderer Bands, was passiert mit denen in der Zwischenzeit?
Ich kann nur sagen, dass der Kern der Band ca 8-10 Jahre der üblichen Erfahrung im Black Metal Bereich am Buckel hat. Es könnte wirklich nützlich sein uns diese Bands zu teilen, aber wir wollen das nicht machen weil wir es bevorzugen, dass alle Menschen sich auf unsere Zentralmeinung unserer Kreation konzentieren.

Kannst du uns etwas über das momentane LineUp erzählen?
Ich bin das erste Mitglied des ersten LineUps, so wie der Verstand Leben zu dieser Kreatur gibt und das meiste von dem hauptsächlichen Zeug komponiert, jetzt kann ADT auf sehr motivierte und beleuchtende Mitglieder zählen, von Österreich, Slovenien und Italien. Wir können uns als eines der besten Beispielen von Mittel-Europäischen Projekten betrachten.

Von Geisler (Gesang)
Gottschall (Gitarre)
Waidmann (Gitarre)
Adamas (Bass)
Ader (Schlagzeug)

Planst du einige Konzerte in naher Zukunft oder ist dies als reine Studioband gedacht?
Wie kann ein Ritual sich nur auf ein Studio-Instrument beschränken, die Aufnahmen sind nur eine Fixierung aber nichts könnte vergleichbar sein damit das Vibrieren und die Kommunikation mit den Energien zu spüren, nur um sie lauter zu machen für die Menschen. Live-Auftritte sind eine wichtige Erfahrung für ADT, aber wir werden nicht so wie diese Metal- Ziegeuner die überall spielen und total den Sinn der Sache verloren haben. Die erste Show wird am 29.September in Skofja Loka (Slovenien) sein und das erste Ritual mit MANIAC BUTCHER aus Tschechien in Wien wird am 20.Oktober stattfinden.

Was ist die Ideologie vom modernen Balck Metal, glaubst du hat es sich in den letzten 10-15 Jahren verändert?
Viel und zu viel, aber ich denke das die satanisitsche Ideologie nun vorherrschend ist, wohingegen die Vergangenheit intensiver und reiferer Visionen von den Energien der dunklen Seite waren. Viel zu viele Filmorientierte 666 Apokalypse Bettler. Wir suchen für eine esotherische und okkulte Version, eine wahrlich gnotische Erfahrung, nicht lediglich eine Verherrlichung von der einen Seite dieser meteriellen Manifestationen.

Menschlichkeit, Leben und Tod auf diesem Planeten, was bedeutet es dir?
Dieser Planet ist der eine den wir geformt und manipuliert haben, die Arroganz dieser modernen Welt ist unserem Verständnis zu trauen – der einzigen Realität. Mehr noch – es gibt noch stärkere Kräfte hinter unserer Vorstellungskraft und Kontrolle, Leben und Erde sind bloß langweilige Aspekte durch die Augen der meisten Menschen gesehen.

Was können wir in der nahen Zukunft von ADT erwarten – neue Aufnahmen und so weiter?
Das neue Album wächst von Tag zu Tag und es wird stärker und intensiver zum Vorgänger. Es sind Einflüsse inkludiert, die unsere Nachricht noch deutlicher machen als zuvor, aber ADT wird immer da sein.

Letzte Worte?
"Join us at nowhere road"




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